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Tuesday Spotlight: Smoky Magi

Today's spotlight is on the new seasonal soap and moisturizer Smoky Magi. The Bibbed Wonder calls Smoky Magi the unsung hero of the holiday line. Smoky Magi is Eric's favorite scent of the holiday soaps. The Bean claims it is also in her top three for the holiday scents. I wanted to create something a bit more masculine for the holidays. I feel like I don't do an outstanding job with masculine scents and wanted to create something for all the soap loving men out there.

Smoky Magi is an incredibly nourishing soap. It has a base of activated charcoal, which is believed to help pull toxins from your skin. It is also loaded with all the nutrients from goat's milk, olive oil, and coconut oil. The scent is a blend of frankincense, myrrh, and a hint of oakmoss. The blend of frankincense and myrrh has an earthy, smoky scent. The oakmoss rounds it out and softens it just a bit. It is a unique blend that is a bit mysterious, a tad musky, with just a hint of softness. It creates a wonderful shower experience when it blends with the hot steam. The Bibbed Wonder smells amazing when he steps out of the shower as opposed to when he steps out of the barn.

My bean has a discerning nose and is rather finicky with her choice of scent favorites. The fact that she ranks this in her top three for holiday scents is somewhat of a big deal here at The Smiling Goat. We all usually have a different current favorite in the shower, but this time of year, The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder are simpatico. I am all over the board with my favorite scent this year, but Eric and Jordan are loving Smoky Magi.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half off on the site this week. If you are a lover of earthy scents, this one may be for you. If you have a man in your life who is a challenge to buy for high quality, handcrafted soap is a small luxury and very useful. It is a wonderful opportunity to try something new and find out for yourself what The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder are raving about.

On this brisk, sunny Tuesday, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, check out Smoky Magi, and keep washing those hands.

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