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Tuesday Spotlight: Spa Day and Zen Soaps

This week’s spotlight is on our late season specials Spa Day and Zen. Both scents are clean and green, both include luxurious Tussah silk fibers and aloe, and both are pure luxury. For those days when you feel stressed, frazzled, and overwhelmed, these beautiful bars will create a relaxing shower experience.

Zen and Spa Day were created to instill calm and relaxation. Zen is a combination of green tea and Osmanthus flower, making a green, mildly floral scent. If you love our Sweater Weather soap, you’ll love Zen. Spa Day is a combination of hibiscus flower and sap moss. This combination is a bit earthy, mildly floral, and very relaxing. It also has poppy seeds incorporated to make it gently exfoliating.

Zen and Spa Day offer a bit of self-pampering luxury, whether buying a gift for yourself, a busy friend or family member, or a co-worker. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is half off on the website for the week. Take advantage of the savings to check off one more gift on your list. As always, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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