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Tuesday Spotlight: Sweet Anjou Pear

Today’s Tuesday Spotlight is the fruity, decadent Sweet Anjou Pear soap and moisturizer. Sweet Anjou Pear is a deliciously fruity scent that smells like warm, juicy pears plucked right from the orchard. It was my very first fruity scent and has become the staple for my fruit scented line.

I don’t often create a soap or moisturizer simply for the scent but Sweet Anjou Pear is the exception to the rule. Once I smelled this delicious natural fragrance oil, I was smitten. I received a sample of the oil from a wonderful little boutique oil supplier. They work with an in house perfumer, are woman owned, and only use safe, natural, sustainable oils. I love working with them and have adored every oil or oil blend I have ever received from them. When I receive a shipment, it is almost better than Christmas day.

Sweet Anjou Pear inspired me because it reminded me of the farm we moved to when Jordan was 3 years-old. This farm had been in the same family for almost a century. Sadly, once the parents, who were the third generation to live and farm there, were no longer able to care for it, it fell into great disrepair. The family made the decision to sell outside the family and we lovingly restored and improved it. For years, the entire hillside and valley were filled with pear trees. However, in the 1980’s a blight plagued the area and wiped out all but two of the pear trees. Those two trees produced the juiciest, sweetest pears I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, no one is able to tell me what type of pear tree remain. I have seen and tasted pears from all over and there are none that compare.

Of course, it is not acceptable for my soap to just smell good, it has to be good for you as well. We use our simple, classic recipe of goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil and castor oil to create a wonderfully moisturizing, gentle bar. It’s a simple recipe but we firmly believe less is more when it comes to skin care products.

If you are a lover of fruity scents, Sweet Anjou Pear is highly recommended. It is sweet, subtle, and fresh with a clean finish. It is a simple, straight forward, scent without any pretense. Sweet Anjou Pear has become one of my best sellers and most requested scents. If you have not yet experienced it, this week is a good week to try something new. As always, the Tuesday Spotlight is 50% off on the website. It will be featured at both Murrysville Market, and Ligonier Country Market for half off as well.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, and wash your hands…perhaps using Sweet Anjou Pear for a fun twist.

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