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Tuesday Spotlight: The Manly Man, The Woodsman, and Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon

Today’s spotlight is shining on our masculine collection. This week, The Manly Man, The Woodsman, and Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon are at the center of our spotlight. If one were to ask me where my weakness lies in scent creation, I would readily admit it is in creating masculine scents. I feel like I don’t have “the nose” for masculine scents. I like soft, sweet, subtle florals and warm, earthy scents. Fragrances that are strong in musk or heavily perfumed don’t appeal to me. Thus, I struggle. I believe The Manly Man is the best masculine creation in our line of products. It is popular with both genders.

I worked really, really hard when I created The Woodsman, and I love the ylang-ylang base, but sadly, The Woodsman is on the cutting table. We are removing/replacing several of our scents that aren’t as popular as others. I have not found the replacement for The Woodsman yet, but when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. I will keep you posted on new creations because that excites me. If you are a fan of The Woodsman, now is a great time to stock up.

Our spotlight also is shining on Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon. I love this scent. It is warm, citrusy, sweet, and cozy. This time of year is the perfect season for Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon. It reminds me of pomanders and cozy home fires. Orange Clove and Cinnamon is set to be put to bed once our inventory is depleted. However, it will not retire for good. We feel it is an appropriate scent for fall and winter and plan to make it part of our seasonal repertoire.

My New Year’s goal is to create two more masculine scents for our permanent inventory. This will take a lot of work and research and probably me polling our soap family for feedback. When I do something, I like to do it well and correctly. Much to The Bibbed Wonder’s chagrin, I “make a process” out of everything. However, this is how my weird, creative little mind works. It’s a mix of chaos, inspiration, research, and trial and error. My hope is not to disappoint you, dear reader.

So, if you are a masculine scent fan, this week is wonderful for you. All three soaps are on special exclusively on the website. There is no promo code needed to save, and savings are applied at checkout. We are creeping closer and closer to the holiday season. If you are looking for stocking stuffers for hard to buy for men, now is a great time to get a jump start on filling those socks.

On this chilly, sunny day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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