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Tuesday Spotlight: The Panty Dropper

This week, The Panty Dropper is in the spotlight. I'll give you one guess: who created the name for this soap? Sigh, he is a lot. Actually, The Bibbed Wonder created this soap from start to finish. After bantering back and forth on the name, he finally wore me down, and I conceded to the blush-inducing The Panty Dropper. I told him, "Not everyone has your sense of humor. Some people might find this name offensive. Don't you think you should come up with something a bit more appropriate?" His response was, "I am funny, and everyone knows it. I don't care, and no, I can't." He refused to budge, and then he dragged Jenna into the conversation. He suddenly acted like life on this farm was a democracy, and everyone had a vote. Needless to say, I was outvoted. Because, of course, Jenna voted with The Bibbed Wonder. I swear, she is Eric in girl form. This is a prime example of why I believe the farm should be under a strict dictatorship. So, we ended up with a perfectly lovely soap named The Panty Dropper.

The soap has a delightful scent. It blends sandalwood, patchouli, and amber with the exotic jatamansi for depth and a hint of mystery. The smell is soft, sexy, not overpowering, and quite lovely. The Panty Dropper is one of my favorites in our more masculine line of products. However, it is not exclusively masculine. We have quite a few women who purchase this for the scent, not the name. The Bibbed Wonder chose to include poppy seeds in the soap for gentle exfoliation and Tussah silk fibers for a nice, silky lather. Aside from the somewhat questionable name, he did a lovely job creating this soap.

This week, The Panty Dropper is on special. Exclusively on the website, you can save 25% on bars of this scandalously named soap. No promo code is needed; the savings will be applied at checkout. Whether buying a gift (perhaps a gag gift...insert an eye roll here), stocking up on a favorite, or simply wanting to see what all the fuss is about, now is an excellent time to buy.

On this lovely summer day, stay safe, be smart, and enjoy the savings; I apologize if you are offended. If you giggle, you are The Bibbed Wonder's people. Oh, and keep washing your hands. You may want to clean up that sense of humor while you're at it—insert a wink.


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