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Tuesday Spotlight: To The Moon and Back

To The Moon and Back is also included in the new Kid's Bundle.

Today, our Tuesday Spotlight shines upon Jordan's bedtime classic, To The Moon and Back. Jordan was just eight years old when she created this beautiful and aromatherapeutic soap. I have always been a big believer in routine, and the comfort, security, and consistency routine creates in a child's world. From the time we brought her home, we created a bedtime routine. This routine began with a snack, a bath, a warm milk drink, a story, soft classical music, rocking, and then bedtime. Our bedtime routine took about an hour, but it was a time we all looked forward to and allowed us to decompress. We continue to follow this routine, although now that she is twelve, it is a bit looser, and varients have changed. I no longer get to rock my baby before bed, which makes me sad. However, we still make a snack, she showers, then we read together for a half-hour or so before lights out.

When Jordan created this soap, she wanted to include everything that made one sleepy and relaxed. To The Moon and Back is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, and ylang-ylang. It is slightly floral, with a woodsy middle note and an earthy dry down. It is a beautiful scent as well as gentle and moisturizing for sensitive skin. We use this blend in Jordan's diffuser at bedtime when she has trouble sleeping. I'm not sure if it is the relaxation abilities of the oil or the comfort the scent brings to her, but I do believe it helps her relax and fall asleep.

Jordan chose the name, To The Moon and Back because that is what I have always said to her before she goes to bed. "I love you to the moon and back a hundred, million, trillion times and more, my love." It is Jordan's hope that this soap brings ease, comfort, and a sense of security to all little ones before they go to sleep. There isn't anything better than knowing you are safe, loved, and adored.

As always, our Tuesday Spotlight is on sale on the site this week. Now is an excellent time to stock up for back-to-school and hopefully ease the back-to-school jitters. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, take comfort in routine, and keep washing your hands.

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