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Tuesday Spotlight: To The Moon And Back

The Tuesday Spotlight shines on my favorite little bean's creation, To The Moon And Back. From the time we brought Jordan home from the hospital, we kept her bedtime routine consistent. Every night at seven o'clock, she had her bath. When she was tiny, Eric and I shared her bathtime duties. The Bibbed Wonder has always been a hands-on dad. He was never afraid to jump in and do whatever was necessary to care for our beloved girl. Whether it was bath time, changing diapers, getting up in the middle of the night to feed her, or taking her to GramBarb's once a week so I could have a quiet evening, he wanted to be involved.

When she was little, bath time was their thing. Eric would bathe her, and I would tidy her room, set out her jammies, lay a towel down on her bed, place her moisturizer next to the towel, make her bottle, turn on her classical music, pick her bedtime story, and fill her diffuser with lavender oil. We always used an all-natural lavender soap and moisturizer for bathing her. I firmly believe in the benefits of aroma therapy. Lavender for bedtime was a no-brainer. To this day, my girl associates the scent of lavender with rest, comfort, and relaxation. She also continues to read before bed, diffuses lavender oil in her bedroom, and plays classical music all night.

When I began making soap, and she showed an interest in creating soap for kids, one of her first ideas was to make a soap with everything in it to make one feel relaxed and sleepy. She combed through what I called my essential oil bible and chose the oils to make her bedtime soap. Her goal was to create a soap that would give other children the bedtime experience she enjoyed. Jordan named her soap To The Moon And Back because, at bedtime, I would kiss her on the forehead and say, "You are safe, and you are loved to the moon and back a hundred, million, billion, gazillion times."

Jordan's To The Moon And Back soap blends lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, and ylang-ylang essential oils to create a soft, relaxing scent. Our custom soap recipe makes a gentle, moisturizing, nourishing bar. Whether you are three or eighty-three, a mild soap scented with relaxing essential oils is a great first step to creating a sleep-inducing bedtime routine. Whether you are trying to create your own bedtime routine, provide a small personal gift to someone who could benefit from a good night's sleep or would like to try something new, now is the perfect time to purchase To The Moon And Back because it is half-off exclusively on the website. Also, use promo code MarchMadness23 to save 20% on all regular-priced items.

On this lovely March day, stay safe, be smart, try creating a relaxing bedtime routine, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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