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Tuesday Spotlight: Toasted Marshmallow

In honor of summer, the Tuesday Spotlight is Toasted Marshmallow. Jordan is the mastermind behind Toasted Marshmallow. Originally, she was thinking about calling it, Give Me S’more but she decided upon Toasted Marshmallow because marshmallows are her favorite. Toasted Marshmallow reminded her of sitting around the campfire, telling stories, and toasting marshmallows with her dad. Backyard camping is Eric’s thing to do with The Bean. They set up a tent, build a fire, make hot dogs, mountain pies, and s’mores, laugh, play fun related math games, and stay up way too late. I do not participate. I am given a half-hearted invitation but I know it’s only to make me feel included. Instead I make a huge production of being left out, fuss about the lack of sleep, and try to get them to include something remotely healthy in their camp out snacks and then I go to bed and enjoy the peace and quiet. Camping is their thing. They need their own thing.

Toasted Marshmallow is a sweet yummy scent that smells exactly like marshmallows. It has notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and a hint of cocoa. It was the first scent Jordan ordered and she was very proud of her choice. When we began making Toasted Marshmallow, Jordan wanted it to look like dessert. We included organic cocoa which turned it a yummy shade of brown and we put a dollop of white on top as an accent. Over the years, we have gotten enough feedback that we decided to make a few changes. As it turns out, the brown soap is somewhat off putting for some people. I had one very funny lady tell me after washing she looked at her wash cloth, saw the brown and thought, “Well, now that’s not good. I wonder where that came from.” Another fun friend informed us that her husband is the one to clean the shower and he did not appreciate the brown streak the melting soap created. With that information on file, we decided to revamp Toasted Marshmallow and make it more white with a few brown accents.

Jordan was in charge, which is how she likes it. She decided upon a hanger swirl with a glitter top. It has just enough brown to create the “burnt edges.” It is the same wonderful soap, it just looks a bit different. We use our simple recipe of goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and canola oil to create a rich, high lather that is nourishing and moisturizing. Jordan recommends this to anyone who enjoys campfires and s’mores. She also thinks it would make a great hostess gift when one is invited to summer campfires. (Seriously, the way her mind works amazes me!) The Toasted Marshmallow soap and moisturizer are on sale on the website for 50% off this week.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, I hope your summer evenings are filled with campfires and toasted marshmallows, and continue to wash your hands.

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