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Tuesday Spotlight: Toasted Marshmallow

In the spotlight on this snowy January morning is Toasted Marshmallow. Toasted Marshmallow is now a staple of our Kid's Soap. Jordan created this soap when she was just 8-years-old. After a summer spent around a campfire with her dad, one of her favorite things to eat and smell are fire-roasted marshmallows. Not burnt but not too light, the perfect color of roasting is a medium brown with a bit of crunch when bitten. Any unfortunate 'mallow that did not make the color cut was ceremoniously launched like a catapult into the little pig pasture. It was not surprising that we often had an attentive audience of little pigs waiting for melted treats to descend upon them. Only a farm girl feeds toasted marshmallows to her pigs.

When the soap was created, we discovered the perfect toasted brown could be achieved using organic cocoa powder. However, after a few years and some constructive, well-received feedback, we became aware that our soap family loved the scent but not the soap's brown color. One sincere person told us, "when I use the brown soap, I look at the washcloth and think, hmmm, is that from me or the soap?" We never want anyone to question what is on their washcloth or from where it came. So, this past spring, we revamped the appearance of the Toasted Marshmallow soap.

It is now a white based soap with a few swirls of "toasted" brown mixed into the white base. Surprisingly, we noticed an uptick in sales once the makeover was complete. Not only do we listen to what our soap family has to say, we appreciate the feedback and honesty. I believe there is always room to grow and improve. As kid soaps were highlighted this week on social media, I thought it appropriate to offer our well loved scent as our Tuesday Spotlight. Toasted Marshmallow soap and moisturizer are offered at 50% off this week. If you have tried it and love it or are looking for a new, sweet scent now is a good time to purchase. As always, free shipping is available on all orders of $50 or more. Dear soap family, stay safe, stay smart, use good soap, and wash your hands.

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