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Tuesday Spotlight: Unscented Products

The Tuesday Spotlight shines on all unscented products this week. We make an extensive line of unscented products because we know many people suffer from skin issues and scent sensitivity, and many prefer unscented soap. Our unscented products are pure, natural, and filled with skin-loving goodness. I firmly believe simple is best. Whether considering hygiene products, appliances, or vehicles, I have found the saying “less is more” to be accurate in many instances.

In my experience, the more bells and whistles an item has, the more opportunity there is for something to go wrong. We view our products in the same light. Our goal is to use as few ingredients as possible but the highest quality ingredients available. Our unscented products are a reflection of this philosophy. Our products begin with the foundation of our fresh, raw goat’s milk. From there, we add skin-loving oils and natural ingredients to create the desired outcome. For example, we use organic oatmeal or poppy seeds for exfoliation. We also incorporate handmade yogurt made from our goat’s milk or cruelty-free Tussah silk fibers for a super luxurious and moisture-rich bar.

We could choose to use less expensive ingredients rather than food-grade olive oil, but why would we choose to use a cheaper, less luxurious component? I hold the opinion that if one wants to purchase inexpensive products filled with fillers, chemicals, and by-products, one can go to any retailer with the word dollar in the name and stock up. There are enough garbage-filled products out there; I see no need to add to the mix. Rather than look for ways to cut corners and cut costs, we keep it simple and luxurious and follow the highest standards.

My golden rule is if I wouldn’t allow my daughter to put something on her body, I wouldn’t use it in my products. Many products have been brought into our house as gifts, marketing campaigns, or bought on the sly because it was seen on TikTok. Also, many products have been dumped down the drain or thrown away once the ingredient list has been read, and I have taken issue with the ingredients used. It makes me very unpopular with my fourteen-year-old daughter, but I stopped participating in popularity contests in high school...insert a wink.

I always recommend our unscented products if one suffers from a skin issue such as eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. Our baby bar is my go-to bar for anyone suffering an active flare-up. It is almost all olive oil, and I incorporate organic carrot puree into it for its healing and skin-loving properties. My second most recommended bar is our Simply Yo-Goat bar. Adding fresh goat’s milk yogurt makes this bar wonderfully high lathering and gentle. Of course, one cannot go wrong with any of our unscented bars, but those are my two favorites.

All our unscented bars, including the shave bar, are on sale this week. We have also included our unscented moisturizer and natural scent foaming hand soap in the special. No promo code is needed, discounts will be applied at checkout, and as always, orders of $50 or more ship for free.

Stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands on this lovely spring day.

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