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Tuesday Spotlight: Unscented Soaps and Moisturizer

Our Tuesday Spotlight is shining on our unscented products this week. We have created an extensive line of unscented soaps for those with skin issues, sensitivities to fragrance, and those who desire a clean, pure product. Our unscented soaps, although lacking fragrance, are luxurious and excellent for one’s skin.

This week, four of our most popular soaps are on sale. Our very first unscented creations, Goat’s and Oats and Simply Goat’s Milk, are included in our spotlight. I often recommend these soaps for those who suffer from skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis. There is nothing to cause irritation or inflammation in these pure, simple soaps.

Also included in our spotlight are our newer creations, Simply Silk and Simply Yo-Goat. Our Simply Silk bar has the addition of luxurious Tussah silk fibers. This creates an incredible silky lather and is very moisturizing. Our Simply Yo-Goat has the addition of my handmade goat’s milk yogurt. Hands down, this is the richest, most moisturizing soap we create. I love it so much that I often add yogurt to my favorite seasonal bars.

This is a wonderful week if you are a fan of unscented soaps. As always, our Tuesday Spotlight is half off on the website for the week. If you are thinking of gifts or, dare I say it, stocking stuffers…don’t shoot the messenger…unscented soaps store well because they have no scent to lose. It’s also a nice time to try something new, add an affordable and thoughtful gift to someone you know who struggles with skin issues, or just stock up for yourself.

On this beautiful July day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the savings, and keep washing your hands.

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