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Twas The Night Before Christmas Here On The Farm

Twas the night before Christmas

Here on the farm

The critters are snuggled up

Safe in the barn.

The goats are in clusters

Some in a large swarm

They’re cuddled in tight

Comfortable and warm.

The pigs are spooning,

Nestled in tight

They grunt, and they snore

All through the night.

The cats, Jack and Mittens,

Asleep in the hay,

Are dreaming of warm milk

At the first light of day.

The pony is lying asleep

With her friends

Roosting on her back

Is Gertrude, a rogue, lonely hen.

The chickens are tucked in

Safe in their coop

Protected from coyotes

That sneak, and they snoop.

The geese on the pond

Are nestled under the moon

As they sleep safe and sound

While the mother goose croons.

The dogs in the house

Are stretched out on their beds

While visions of biscuits

Run round in their heads.

The Bibbed Wonder lies snoring

Not a care in the world

Soon he will be awakened to play Santa

To his darling girl.

The Bean, she’s a wonder

A true gift from above

She made us a family

And we are overflowing with love.

As I sit and write

This impromptu tale

I am blessed beyond blessed

With a love without fail.

Christmas you see

Isn’t packages and bows

It’s love, faith, and family

That continues to grow.

On this warm winter evening,

I wish you the best

May love, faith, and family

Overflow from your nest.

As I wonder to bed

On this warm Christmas night,

Stay safe, be smart, and wash your hands…it’s just right.

And Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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