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Two More Days!

Happy Thursday, dear reader. Our Fall On The Farm event will be here in just two short days. We have an impressive lineup of vendor friends joining us. I am certain you will not be disappointed with the beautiful handcrafted creations my talented friends have to offer. The wide array of interests, talents, and creativity just astounds me. From handwoven wraps and scarves, natural and adorable dog treats, gorgeous confections that are tiny, edible works of art, and handpainted creations that are pure beauty, there is something to catch every one’s fancy.

There will also be many delicious treats to choose from and enjoy. From Aunt Julia’s Donuts to Lone Oak Farm’s baked goods, cheese, and beef, to gourmet confections, delicious kettle corn, and decadent nut rolls, you won’t leave hungry. I plan to purchase several Mrs. Nut Rolls nut rolls to freeze and enjoy during the holidays and give as gifts. Seriously, her nut rolls freeze beautifully. I had forgotten one in my freezer. I took it out over a year later, and it was as delicious as if I had just bought it. My friends, with their talents and abilities, are impressive. I love our little handmade community.

Speaking of the holidays, I know it feels like it’s too early to think about, but this Saturday is an excellent opportunity to check off gifts from your gift-giving list. There will be so many beautiful options to choose from; my hope is that our event provides you with an opportunity to shop small and local and give you ideas and possibilities. We all know I love to have options.

From a soap perspective, my hard-working hubby is working diligently in the studio this week to ensure our holiday soaps are boxed and available this weekend. Comfort and Joy, Cranberry Spice, Cozy, and our new (adorable IMHO) Grinch-themed soap will be ready…go ahead, clap and squeal. Our entire holiday line will not be available, but this is a good start.

We cannot wait to see everyone on Saturday. You all are so wonderful with your support of what we do, what we love, and what we hold dear. We appreciate you. Welcoming you to our farm is our way of extending that appreciation to you. I think my dad would be pleased with what we are doing here on his beloved homestead.

One last note, I am happy to report I am feeling much better today. My fever is gone, and I feel human again. I was apprehensive that my weekend plans would be ruined, but this morning, I feel confident I will be able to enjoy my plans and our event. I am steering clear of the soap studio for another day or so, but I am confident I will be almost 100% by Saturday. Thank you to everyone who reached out with well wishes and birthday messages. My cup overflows. We all look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, and come see us on Saturday; the weather forecast is gorgeous, and so are the leaves, and keep washing your hands.

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