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We All Have Super Powered Goat Clearing Abilities

My jewelweed soap is being released today; jewelweed is a home remedy for the rash caused by poison ivy. That began my thought process about poison ivy, my goats, and wait for it…how it applies to life. You see dear reader; my goats adore poison ivy. They adore anything thorny, weedy, or brush related. We have a wooded area in our pasture that was overrun with multiflora rose, brambles, poison ivy, and crab apple. Until the goats were released upon it, this area was almost impossible to maneuver. There is a lovely little creek bed that runs through it, but you bled profusely from all exposed appendages trying to get to it. Once the goats were released, everything from the ground to the height of the goats when they stand upon their hind legs or each other was destroyed. After several seasons of rotational pasturing, the area looks like something out of a storybook. It is free of brambles and bitey weeds; it is easily maneuvered and one of our favorite picnic spots on the farm. Jordan and I go there and she plays in the creek while I read. It has become calm, beautiful, and restorative.

Like the goats, we have the ability to clear our lives of toxins, poisons, and minor pokey irritations. Poisons can look like a lot of things for a lot of people; perhaps it is a toxic relationship, a poisonous work environment, an unhealthy habit, or an irritating pattern of behavior. Clearing the toxins from our lives is a labor intensive, emotionally exhausting, and difficult process. Like our pasture, sometimes it is better to clear out small sections at a time, one pokey irritation at a time, over several seasons. Sometimes a clean, straight, clear cut will destroy our emotional landscape and alter our environment to a degree of no recovery. For some, total devastation may be the best option and what develops is better than whatever was or could be. The point is, we all have the power and ability to clean up our pastures and rid them of poisons, brambles and pokey irritations. In the end, you may end up feeling like a story book…most story books have happy endings.

From a personal perspective, I have spent the last several years clearing my life of poisons, toxins, and minor irritations. It has been difficult, exhausting, and painful but once on the other side of it, I can see how detrimental it all was to not only my well-being but my health. There was a point when my stress level was so high, and was affecting me so adversely that I had uncontrollable tremors. My hands and often my head shook to the point of distraction. It was concerning for my husband and my bean. With much cajoling, I went to the doctor. The doctor wanted to test me for Parkinson’s disease. That dear reader, was a frightening and effective wake up call. My stress levels and stress causing agents reached a point of frenzy that I knew for the well-being of myself and my family, needed a drastic clearing. I made a choice, I made a stand, and I haven’t looked back. After six to eight months of purging my personal pasture field, I was tremor free. My physical and emotional health is much improved and I often think my personal landscape has some semblance of a story book…filled with blue eyed trolls that make chronic fart noises, and a bibbed wearing knight…sometimes the bibbed wearing troll who lives under the bridge, that tells the same stories over and over, or answers a question with a question…it depends on the day…today he is a bibbed wearing knight.

We all have super powered goat clearing abilities, it is simply a matter of choice as to when and how we use our abilities. I hope you see your abilities to rid your personal landscape of poisons, toxins, and pokey irritations. Most of all, I hope you see your personal landscape has the promise of a story book ending….and they lived happily ever after.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, please keep washing your hands to ensure a happily ever after.

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