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We're Extending The Opportunity

Although Halloween is not over yet, I am thinking about Christmas. I know, I know, it is a bit early. However, when you are involved in making and selling products, you jump on that early bird train and ride it out. Holiday soaps have been done for about a month now. As much as it pains me to release products in a time frame I consider ridiculously early, I know many begin thinking about holiday gift-giving well in advance. If I'm honest, I think this is smart. I mean, it's annoying not to be one of those organized, well-planned people, but know my disdain comes from admiration.

I feel as if I improve a little bit every year in my holiday preparations. I have gift lists made for all my favorite people. With the help of a wonderful soap family member who knows my kid loves T. Swift and the help of one Abby Jordan Walker, my go-to in all things Swifty, I have checked off several items on The Bean's gift list. I have also purchased gifts for my friends Jenna, Raylee, and The GB (GramBarb). I think I am off to a good start.

To make your gift-giving easier, we have done a soft release of our seasonal items. The Bibbed Wonder and I spoke today (that sounds ridiculously formal; we talk constantly…well, he says I talk constantly…insert an eye roll.) We will extend our seasonal soft release through today to allow you to begin your gift-buying. For a few limited hours, you can take advantage of our online exclusive opportunity to purchase all our seasonal soaps before they go to The Ligonier Country Market Holiday Market this Saturday, November 4, from 12-4.

If you are local, I hope you have the opportunity to come out and sniff all our new soaps to your little heart's content. However, if you cannot make it on Saturday, you can purchase our new products before they make their big online debut after the holiday market. I am excited for you to see and smell Merry Berry (my personal new favorite), Maximus, and The Mean One. I like all our new scent blends this year, but my forever favorite will always remain Comfort and Joy.

I am contemplating a new blend of this scent that will be part of our full-time repertoire. As soon as it was cut, I stole all the ends of Comfort and Joy and put them in my personal stash. I also stole a Comfort and Joy moisturizer. One would not think I would have to "steal" my own products, but The Bibbed Wonder scolds me if I take too much of a finished product. He really is Grinch-like, or perhaps I should call him Ebenezer. Ebenezer Smay has a certain ring to it….but I digress.

Through today, you can enjoy the pre-season release of our new scents. If you are an early bird when it comes to holiday shopping—Respect with a capital R. If you are waiting to smell things in person, I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We will be in our original market spot, #18, on the main row. We will have a few of our milk bucket gift bundles available and a few gift boxes. I am keeping this inventory on the low side because I am not sure how well they will be received at the market. They did well at our farm event, but we have limited space once packed for the day.

I had a long and tiring verbal battle with one bib overall wearing Scrooge over taking my hand washing station to the market. After much grumbling, growling, and grousing, I wore him down, and he agreed to take it. My rationale is two-fold. First, I am quite certain the handwashing station near the port-a-john uses recycled water. This dawned on me earlier in the market season, making my stomach turn…insert a pukey face. Secondly, it is an excellent way for people to sample our foaming hand soap. I know you will find it shocking that the soap maker has a fixation with hand washing,…said with humor and sarcasm.

We are quite excited about our last live show of the season, not including a few little pop-up opportunities here and there. If you can make it, I strongly encourage you to come. You can begin your morning with the high school Jr. ROTC vendor show at the high school, then meander down to the market grounds at noon. It would be a wonderful way to spend the day, begin shopping early, and support hundreds of local small businesses. Plus, Ligonier is a beautiful town, and the day is supposed to be lovely. It would be like a real-life Hallmark movie. Don't be judgy; I love cheesy Hallmark movies.

On this chilly, rainy eve of All Hallow's Eve, stay safe, be smart, enjoy our seasonal products now, come see us in Ligonier on Saturday, and keep washing your hands. Yes, I know I say that all the time, but it really is your best defense in not getting sick or spreading germs.

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