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We're Making Progress

We’re making progress, and progress is good. We are in the testing phase of our body wash journey. We have been giving samples to family and friends, hoping for feedback. Feedback is essential to us and the development of our products. Although I trust our instincts that a product or idea is of the highest quality, has benefits for the skin, and offers comfort and relief to some, I love to receive feedback from others.

I have been using our body wash creation for a week. In my opinion, it has a luxurious lather, it is moisturizing, and it doesn’t leave behind a film or residue. It feels light, smells good, and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. We have handed out about a dozen samples, and I look forward to hearing what people say. Until we receive feedback, we can’t order our labels, which are the last step in the process.

The Bibbed Wonder and I care about what our soap family has to say. Providing safe, clean, nourishing products is our goal. Knowing that something we create improves someone’s life, helps someone feel better, and offers an alternative option to harsh, chemical-laden detergents that often do more harm than good gives us a sense of purpose. We love what we do, and it’s important to us that you love it too.

We hope to launch our new body wash in just a few weeks with some hard work, a little luck, and some good feedback. We are currently negotiating about how many and what scents to release. As with everything, I have AMAZING ideas, and my bib overall wearing counterpart is saying, “No.” I believe we will have to follow his lead and take a more conservative approach with the number of scents we release. However, he is in agreeance that eventually, we will offer a body wash in almost every scent. I have to break him in slowly, dear reader. I can’t have my little bib overall wearing buddy twitching and stressing.

We are one step closer to our body wash release and are excited about this new product. I hope you are excited too. As always, stay safe, be smart, share your opinions, and keep washing your hands.

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