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We Welcome Frank's Red Rocket to Springtime at the Farm

Frank and Jess, who I thought was Jess, but my addled brain changed it to Chrissy, but it's really Jess....Sigh; welcome to my ADHD-addled thought process. My apologies for the confusion.

The countdown continues to our Springtime at the Farm event. Two more days, and we will be enjoying Aunt Julia’s Donuts, the best donuts on the planet, in my humble opinion. We get to try Northburgh Coffee Company along with Aunt Julia’s Donuts. Have I ever told you nothing makes me happier than a warm donut and fresh hot coffee? It’s true. I love a good donut, and Julia’s are the best. Honestly, the older I get, the more I appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Speaking of simple pleasures, we welcome Frank’s Red Rocket, home of the Rocket Burger, to our farm on Saturday. A close second to a warm, fresh donut is a good burger. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean are self-proclaimed burger connoisseurs. They had the opportunity to try a rocket burger at the Ox Hill Fair last fall. The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder came home raving about their delicious burgers.

Frank and Jess were gracious enough to answer a few questions for me to get to know them better and share their story with you.

Jess and Frank began serving the public in 2017. Frank always wanted to run a food trailer, but it didn’t seem possible with both working full-time. Jess told Frank if he could find a trailer they could afford, she supported the dream. She thought it would take quite a while for Frank to locate a trailer. He surprised her by finding one in less than a week. The couple began making burgers, fries, hot sausage, and chicken tenders. They continue working full-time jobs and the food truck on the weekends. Their goal is to eventually run the food truck full-time and become their own bosses.

The couple created the business name because their first trailer was red, and Frank’s truck driving handle was “Rocket.” Their favorite menu item is cheese fries. Cheese fries are also the most popular item on their menu, with the hot sausage sandwiches being a close second. The rocket burger, walking taco, and chicken tenders are also very popular.

Jess says the best part of attending events and running a food truck is making people happy with the food they make and getting to talk with people. The addition of the food truck has improved their lives and aided them in raising their five children. This busy, hard-working family is living the dream.

Frank’s Red Rocket Schedule for the year is as follows:

2023 Schedule

May 6 (9 am-1 pm) Smiling Goat Soap Company

May 20 (10am-7pm) Bella Terra Stables

May 21 (12 pm-4 pm) Edgewood Winery

June 22 (7 pm-?) CAMS Antique Tractor Pull @ Cookport Fair Grounds

June 23 (7 pm-?) CAMS Tractor Pull

June 24 (8 am-?) CAMS Tractor Pull

July 28 (2 pm-9 pm) Crooked Creek Horse Park

July 29 (7 am-9 pm) Crooked Creek

July 30 (7 am-5 pm) Crooked Creek

August 12 (pending) Murrysville Concert in the Park

September 3rd through 9th Ox Hill Fair

September 17 (12 pm-4 pm) Edgewood Winery

September 22 through 24 Clymer Days

September 30 (11 am-4 pm) Reeger’s Farm

October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 & 22 (11 am-4 pm) Reeger’s Farm

If you follow Frank’s Red Rocket on Facebook, you can keep up with all their upcoming events and delicious food. We are thrilled that Frank and Jess have made time to join us at our favorite event of the year.

As of this morning, the weather looks perfect. We hope to see you at the farm from 9-1 on Saturday. I gently suggest you come with an appetite. In my world, food equivocates love, and we love our soap family. I know my soap family will show Frank and Jess of Frank’s Red Rocket a lot of love. We have a wonderful group of talented friends; I hope there will be something here for everyone to enjoy.

With only two days remaining before our Springtime at the Farm event, stay safe, and be smart; please join us at the farm for a wonderful day, try a Rocket Burger and cheese fries, and keep washing your hands.

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