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Weekly Half-Off Special: Peppermint

***Warning: Oversharing in this post***

I naturally think of feet when I think about Peppermint Soap and Moisturizer. Peppermint soap can be used to wash all parts of your body, and the moisturizer is lovely all over, especially in the summer on hot days when the cool tingle feels so refreshing. However, I LOVE using peppermint soap and moisturizer on my feet and legs.

I’m going to overshare with you, as I often do. My feet are a mess this summer. My heels, in particular, are dry, cracked, and peeling. The bottoms of my feet feel like sandpaper. I have had a pedicure, and Lexi, my poor pedicurist, broke out a Dremel tool to sand the dry skin off my heels, much to my horror and embarrassment. At least I didn’t have toe jam. Apparently, toe jam is the one thing Lexi the pedicurist gags over. Also, I find it somewhat disturbing, but it speaks to how much we love our goats that my goats get a pedicure waaaaay more often than I do. We never have to use a Dremel tool on the goats’ feet...insert a long-suffering, woe-be-gone sigh.

Again, we’ve gone down this rabbit hole with the over-sharing, so follow me a bit further. I am a compulsive “picker.” If there is a tear in my jeans, I will pick at it until it’s gaping. If there is a bubble in the paint on a wall, I will pick at it until half the paint is removed. If I have dry skin, I will pick at it until it’s raw. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t compulsively pick my nose… lets be adults here, people. My feet were no exception; my heels cracked, and I compulsively picked at them until they bled. Now they are sore, and I am limping about like I was shot in the foot. Okay, over-sharing is over. Let’s discuss how this can be remedied. The limping, not the compulsive picking…there is no hope for that.

So, by now, you know I believe goat’s milk is a small miracle here on earth. Not only can almost any baby creature be raised on goat’s milk, and it is AAAAAA-MAAAA-ZING for one’s skin, but it works miracles on overly dry and inflamed skin. When my bean suffers an eczema outbreak, I add a quart of raw goat’s milk to her bath water, and when she gets out, her eczema is almost invisible. I also do goat’s milk foot soaks; although not perfect, my heels and feet are greatly improved. After soaking my feet in warm water, a quart of goat’s milk, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, and shreds of peppermint goat’s milk soap dissolved in the water; the dead skin simply wiped off my feet with a towel. I used my handy-dandy PedEgg to finish removing the remaining dead skin. My feet were soft and much smoother. I followed up with refreshing peppermint goat’s milk moisturizer, and my feet were significantly improved. They also smelled much better.

One more incident of over-sharing, and then I’m done...for today...I promise...well, no guarantees, but I’ll try. One bib overall, wearing wonder buns with a plethora of foul odors from various sources, has the audacity to tell me my feet smell like man’s feet. Rude! However, peppermint really does help to combat odor, so it is lovely for feet. Perhaps The Bibbed Wonder should try putting peppermint soap in dark, dank, smelly regions which shall not be named. Maybe, I would be happy to aggressively shove said soap in said regions...insert wicked giggle.

I wish I had taken a video of my pedicure and its results, not the soap-shoving thing; I feel like nobody wants to see that. Well, there is probably a population for such videos, but we’re not that kind of company. Anyhow, I digress. I would be horrified to share pictures of the state of my feet, but the results were pretty impressive. As with anything, maintenance is vital. I wish I could just be done with at-home goat’s milk pedicures, but I believe that in maintaining and improving the condition of my feet; I will have to do several more over the following weeks. I refuse to subject poor Lexi, the pedicurist, to using power tools on my heels again. That dear reader is my accurate account of the wonders of goat’s milk and goat’s milk peppermint soap and moisturizer.

This week Peppermint Soap and Moisturizer are half-off exclusively on the website. This week is a wonderful time to surprise someone who works hard and spends a lot of time on their feet with a surprise care package. It’s also an excellent time to pamper your feet and prepare them for flip-flop season.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, don’t ignore your feet for so long that a power tool has to be used to maintain them, and keep washing your hands…and feet with peppermint soap…insert wink.

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