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Welcome Fall, You Pumpkin Traitors!

I am an Autumn person. I love fall, pumpkins, pumpkin spice everything, fall festivals, comfort food, and fall clothes. I love tall boots, ankle boots, scarves, jeans, and sweaters. I adore sweaters! At the beginning of summer, I wish for fall. In my ideal world, it would be Autumn all year. I love the cooler temperatures, the Canadian geese flying over, the crickets chirping in the evening, the scent of fall in the air, and the warm color pallet of the leaves.

I mean no disrespect to you, summer lovers. I simply dislike everything about summer. I hate to sweat, insects, being bitten by insects, beaches, swimming pools, swimming suits, and shorts. I hate shorts. You will very rarely ever see me in shorts or skirts because I hate how it feels when my legs touch, especially if my legs are sweaty. I know it's weird, but it's true. I hate humidity, summer food, summer activities, and being hot. In my opinion, the only good thing about summer is my bean being home from school and going to Ligonier Country Market.

Being that I am a pumpkin spice, everything lover, you can imagine my shock when polled on Facebook; my soap family chose Honey Apple and Oats over Pumpkin Sandalwood. Don't misunderstand me, Honey Apple and Oats is a new and lovely scent. However, the epitome of the fall season is pumpkin. You spoke, and I listened. Although it goes against my grain and better judgment, our first fall scent has been released, and it is indeed Honey Apple and Oats.

Honey Apple and Oats truly does smell divine, and it is the perfect fall scent. I tried to make it super lux by adding Tussah silk fibers, colloidal oatmeal, a touch of honey, and a touch of aloe. I intended to add organic apple puree to the mix, but one bib overall wearing wonder buns has the patience of a gnat. He has some very gnat-like qualities come to think of it. He's annoying. He hovers around me, making annoying noises. Like a gnat, I swat at him constantly, and yet he does not go away. Hmmm, he is very gnat-like indeed. I jest, mostly.

Honey Apple and Oats will be at the Ligonier Country Market this Saturday. It is hard to believe we only have three more markets left. If you haven't made it to the market yet, now is a wonderful time to go. The flower vendors have fall mums and beautiful fall perennials. Aunt Julia's donuts are offering fresh apple fritters. These are not Beach Body approved but so worth the cheat. There are sunflowers galore, fresh produce, and fall-themed wares at almost every stand. Also, the mornings are cooler, and the farm's cows moo in the morning's dense fog. It creates a lovely atmosphere. Sigh. I hate to see it end.

We look forward to seeing you at the market. I hope you find Honey Apple and Oats to be everything you imagined and more. Of course, Pumpkin Sandalwood would never disappoint; I'm just throwing that out there…insert wink. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the fall season, and keep washing your hands.

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