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Welcoming the "ber" Months

It’s finally September. I love the “ber” months, not the “burr!” months. September, October, and November are my absolute favorite. I can’t wait for the temperature to drop to a comfortable 65-70. I look forward to pulling out my sweaters, and I have a ton. I look forward to shoes that cover my toes or go to my knees. I can’t wait to sit by a fire, drink a warm drink, eat soup, and snuggle in with my two favorite people. I also love everything related to pumpkin, apple, maple, caramel, and root vegetables. The “ber” months are what I look forward to all year.

This time of year also marks the end of our market season. I don’t love that, but it is nice not to have to awaken at 3:00 a.m. on Saturdays. The girls begin to dry off and prepare for the baby season, so milking is not so intense. Our workload feels like it eases a bit, but it’s just an illusion because we begin ramping up for the holiday season. However, it is an illusion I will buy into for a brief time.

With the “ber” months also comes the release of my favorite soaps and the making of fun holiday soaps. Pumpkin Sandalwood was released yesterday. This soap continues to be my absolute favorite for fall. However, Honey Apple and Oats is a solid second. We then have Cranberry Spice, Sweater Weather, and Cozy coming down the line. The fall scents are my favorite collection.

As things begin to slow down a bit from the summer rush, I realize that we only have four Ligonier Markets left for the year. It feels like this summer blew by but was filled with good things. If you haven’t made it to the market, now is a lovely time to attend. Many vendors have fall décor, gorgeous harvests, and decadent fall treats. Aunt Julia’s Donuts is now offering apple fritters. Mmmmmm, when they are still warm and dripping with fresh sugar glaze, it is how I imagine the food in heaven tastes.

Speaking of Aunt Julia’s Donuts, she confirmed she would attend our Fall at the Farm event on Saturday, October 22. I am waiting for final confirmations from a few of my friends, but it looks like we will have 22-25 vendors. We have a few new additions as well. I am very excited about our fall event. Please mark your calendar, break out your fall clothes, and join us to celebrate this beautiful time of year in my favorite place in the whole wide world.

It is a pleasure as always, dear reader. Please remember to continue to stay safe, be smart, mark your calendar, enjoy the seasons, and keep washing your hands.

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