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Work Hard, Stay Humble, Be Kind

I received the nicest surprise in the mail the other day. My talented friend, Carlene Dowell, sent me a copy of her newly published children’s book. I appreciate language, rhyming, and books as a former English teacher. I was blown away by Carlene’s story that takes place on her farm. Carlene’s book is titled Work Hard, Stay Humble, Be Kind. It is a lovely little tale about all the animals on her farm, and although they are all different, each one enriches the experience, and they all figure out how to get along.

Not only is the book written in rhyme with a beautiful message, but there are also authentic pictures of all the animals interacting with each other and Carlene. We see how the dogs and cats play chase but come together and live like one at the end of the day. Despite their differences, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, each creature is valued for what they bring to the group. It’s a charming little tale with a lot of meaning.

This book could not come out at a better time. With so much social tension in our country and the world, this charming little tale reminds us that we are all important and bring something valuable to our world even though we are different. The world needs more people like Carlene. She is a treasure.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, work hard, stay humble, be kind, and wash your hands.

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