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I am looking forward to the days end. I don’t usually approach my days with this attitude but today is special and different. Tonight, is the last Ligonier Country Market Night Market. Today, we will stop work and school at 4:00, travel to Ligonier to have a girl’s night with our friend Trisha from Canine Confections, have dinner, and peruse the night market. I love supporting my friends from market. I love the little town of Ligonier. I am really excited to have a girl’s night with Jordan and Trish. Today will be a very good day indeed.

The Bean has been a bit of a bugger about cyber school the last two weeks. Her excitement has waned and she seems to do a whole lot of nothing for long periods of time. This is a trend I hope does not continue. I fear for my own sanity if it does. However, today I have leverage. She came leisurely strolling down the side walk, talking to the chickens, poking at the moss growing in between the cobble stones, and basically just wasting time. I gave her my “teacher look,” informed her we would be leaving at four for our girl’s night and warned her, if school is not completed, she will stay home with Eric. Add an extra boost of incentive because Eric is castrating piglets tonight. I indeed have the upper hand. I challenge you to get your school work done and raise you a night of pig castration, my wily, worthy opponent…enter evil laugh. She took off for the studio like her pants were on fire.

As I sit here writing, I keep going over my running list of tasks that MUST be completed before I allow myself a night frivolity and fun. If I myself am not a motivating factor, The Bibbed Wonder will step in to use his leverage. We have a few more lotions to make for Saturday, bags to stamp, soap to pack, signs to make and décor to figure out. If all is not completed, I too will be home helping to castrate piglets…insert green face with gagging noise. Sometimes, I know for a fact, I was not meant to be a farmer. However, touché my worthy opponent, touché indeed.

May I suggest, if you are so inclined, try attending the Night Market. It is a lovely evening out, supporting small business, supporting small towns, and a bit of normalcy in a rather unsettling time. Go with an appetite, and perhaps check off some items from your Christmas list. It will be all food vendors this evening but the boutiques in downtown Ligonier will have extended hours. It is well worth the drive.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, I hope you too have something to look forward to, and of course wash your hands.

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