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You Can't Control The Weather

We welcomed the autumnal season with open arms on Saturday morning, but autumn wasn't in the mood to celebrate. The entire first weekend of fall was wet, damp, and dreary. I'm being transparent when I say I would rather have wet, damp, and dreary over hazy, hot, and humid. However, it did not make for a fun festival attendance weekend. The Smiling Goat Soap Company was represented at two weekend festivals: The Ligonier Country Market and Fall Fest in Indiana, Pa.

We are always grateful and appreciative to our soap family members, both new and seasoned, that brave inclimate weather to come out and support us. Despite the cold, rainy weather, we had a good day. I've said it before and will repeat it: there is never a bad day at Ligonier. This Saturday is our last Ligonier Country Market until November. Saturday, November 4th, is the Ligonier Country Market Holiday Market. We will be in our usual spot, spot 18. Our holiday soaps, including The Mean One and Maximillion, will be available. We are always excited for the holiday market.

Our friend Jenna, attended the Fall Fest in Indiana, Pa, this weekend. It was a two-day event with over 100 vendors and food trucks. It was a well-advertised event with a lot of vendor participation, but alas, one cannot control the weather, and customer attendance was low. If you braved the cold rain to come out, we appreciate you. I always feel bad when events don't go as well as hoped. I know the amount of work that goes into planning, organizing, and advertising an event. It takes a lot of time, thought, and energy. I am grateful that someone makes an effort to create lovely events in my hometown. However, if the weather doesn't cooperate, it is no fault of anyone. Jenna got to sample a lot of good food and talked to some of our favorite people. We're always grateful for Jenna and the opportunities to expand our soap family.

We will work diligently for the next two weeks to prepare for our Fall At The Farm Event. The Bibbed Wonder has mowed the first pass of the hayfield in preparation. The Bean and I are designing four photo backdrops. The Bibbed Wonder inherited my dad's prized pony tractor. The Bean and I are setting up a display for people to take beautiful fall photos with the tractor. We're also setting up a display on our little John Deer wagon. I plan to display a small antique goat cart, and we have a child's tractor for adorable photos. We must find square straw bales for seating in front of the live music area. We are also purchasing items for our kid's craft corner. The Bean came up with the idea for the craft herself. That child's genius, creativity, and work ethic sometimes blow me away. Other days, I wonder if she can ever live on her own...insert a giggle.

I need to take care of a few outdoor painting projects, and of course, mowing has to be done. However, we are excited about our little fall event and hope many of you can attend. Our event is very personal, low-key, and friendly. As The Bibbed Wonder says, "You won't find better company." Also, all our holiday products will make their debut at our farm event. Merry Berry, The Mean One, Maximillion, Cashmere Sweater, Comfort and Joy, Elf Fart, Naughty, and Nice will be ready for your sniffing pleasure. I hope you are as excited about our seasonal soaps as I am. Mainly, I hope the weather cooperates on October 7th. Fingers crossed, we have a nice day. I always worry I waste my friends' time and efforts if things don't go well. However, you, my dear soap family, never disappoint.

Stay safe, be smart, support local, be prepared for Western Pennsylvania weather, and keep washing your hands on this dreary fall day.

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