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YouTube: Living Life Virtually or Life Enhancing?

Technology is indeed a blessing and a curse. While it enables us to complete tasks faster, more efficiently, and with greater ease; it also creates a detachment, a false sense on anonymity, and robs one of life experience if allowed to do so. As a parent and small business owner, I find myself in a constant conundrum of what is appropriate, necessary, and life enhancing.

The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean have finally worn me down. If you have read previous posts, this is no surprise considering the level of nonsense and shenanigans I face on a daily basis. Really, it’s a wonder I am not permanently curled into the fetal position muttering nonsense to myself. However, I digress. They have wanted to create a YouTube channel for quite some time. I am not a fan of Youtube videos. It may be that I am just old, I am not fun, and I take myself too seriously but a lot of what is on there seems like nonsense. I find it amazing that if left to her own devices, my child will spend hours watching a family play hide and go seek, or a brother and sister compete for wildly expensive, not age appropriate prizes. Seriously, what does it teach our children when they win the latest Apple product at the age of 9 for dropping loved objects off a roof top? Why not gather your friends and I don’t know, actually play hide and go seek? It baffles me.

However, create a YouTube channel they did. I have had the excuse for years that our internet service is just too poor and unstable to support such ideas. Once again, thank you Covid-19 for forcing our hand and making it necessary to finally upgrade our service. With the prospect of Jordan doing cyber school, we found it necessary to do something. I must admit, faster service is so much more convenient. However, I no longer have an excuse to keep my child in the dark ages other than the fact that I must admit I am an over protective mom who cringes at the thought of lost brain cells from observing such IQ draining nonsense.

Our YouTube channel is in its infancy stage, we have a few videos up but very limited content at this point. However, I must admit, the idea is exciting and it gets my creative energy flowing. I am an avid fan of CBS News Sunday Morning. I have watched the Sunday morning show faithfully since I was Jordan’s age. Every week, they end the show with Moments of Nature. This has always been one of my favorite segments and I find the footage of nature both fascinating and soothing. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and I intend to have daily footage of our peaceful farm under the heading Barnyard Zen as part of our YouTube channel.

Of course, my bean is excited to have her own platform and is currently brainstorming ideas and practicing her demonstration skills as well as her interviewing techniques. I could see a career in communications in her future. She is like a girl on fire at this point and I believe it will be both an attribute and an opportunity for growth for her. Being that she will be home this year, she will have ample time to hone her skills and perfect her segments.

Surprisingly, The Bibbed Wonder is on fire about this prospect as well. My husband claims to be a hobbit like introvert but he loves people and is exceptionally personable, as well as humorous…I will never admit that to him. He is looking forward to showcasing his prized porcine beauty queens, as well as focus on the farm life aspect.

I suppose this will give us an opportunity to build a wider audience base, show case our natural products, our care and practices, as well as entertain and educate. In that regard, it is all very positive. However, I cringe at the idea of some internet troll giving my bean unkind feedback or rude comments. This will all have to be monitored very closely and I’m not sure I want or need another daily task to complete. However, majority rules and my reluctance is in the minority at this point. Time will tell and we shall see if this will be an enhancement or a hindrance to our lives and livelihood. Send us good thoughts and grace if you are so inclined as we begin to write this new chapter.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, check out our new YouTube channel, The Smiling Goat Soap Company, if you are so inclined, and continue to wash your hands.

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