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The bibbed wonder

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

Eric leads by example.  He works hard, he works tirelessly, and he expects nothing less from those around him.  He is the force that makes the cogs work in our family business.  Eric milks the goats, tends the fields, cares for the animals, packs the orders, is the driving force and humor behind the social media posts, does the heavy lifting, and is the brains of the operation.  We couldn’t do this without him.  His background in secondary math education makes him the perfect fit for crunching numbers and bookkeeping.  His mathematical approach to the world makes him a whiz at logistics and scheduling.  Although entertaining, his wry humor often gets him into trouble with his co-worker, a.k.a Tina.  Eric’s sincerity, integrity, wit, and strong work ethic shine brightly throughout our little company.               

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