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A Cool Head, A Logical Approach, and Not Using Colorful Language

Our daily lives rely so heavily on conveniences we simply take for granted. When those conveniences are suddenly taken away or cease to work, our worlds are rocked. My world was rocked yesterday. I was in the throes of making lotion when I noticed our water pressure was very low. This happens when we need to change our filter or reset our pump. Resetting the pump is usually necessary when the power goes out or we use a lot of water at once, like watering the garden for example. However, none of these things occurred.

Of course, this happened when my bibbed wonder was at the Murrysville Farmers Market. I went to the basement, which in and of itself is a huge feat for me. I am also afraid of the basement by the way. I found a snake skin behind a cabinet when we moved in and I have been leery of the basement ever since. I asked my brave bean to join me to hold the flashlight and she reluctantly agreed. After several photos, texts and phone calls, I had completed all the recommendations The Bibbed Wonder suggested and had no success. We were still without water.

I’m sure it was purely psychological but of course, I immediately felt it necessary to use the rest room, have a glass of water…which would only add to the need to use the rest room, and felt a strong desire to do a load of laundry…which has never happened before. I was also frustrated because I had a studio full of dirty dishes, I was unable to wash and the chickens were running low on water. I surprised myself by keeping my cool. I believe I surprised The Bibbed Wonder as well. However, I must admit it took every ounce of control to not get frustrated. I didn’t even swear.

My dear bibbed wearing buddy came home at 9:00 and after a long day, he went to the basement to assess the situation. After doing everything he had instructed me to do, there still was no water. He then looked for electrical problems and discovered the return was not working. I have no idea what a return is but I am happy I married a man who has such a wide berth of knowledge. If I were still single, I would have called a plumber. As I sit and write this, my bibbed wonder is at the hardware store picking up the necessary parts to fix our water situation.

Situations such as this are just part of daily life. Things break down, life is interrupted, and plans fail to be executed. I am learning after almost 50 years, it is best to face such issues with a cool head, a logical approach, and the ability to roll with the punches. It would not change the situation if I had gotten frustrated, used colorful language, and cursed the universe for its unfair practices. It is simply a situation I am unable to fix but thank goodness for bib overall wearing, knowledgeable and experienced heroes. You see ladies, he really is more than eye candy…insert laughter and eye roll.

Hopefully, we will have water in a few hours and The Bibbed Wonder is able to approach the situation with a cool head, a logical approach, and not use colorful language. This may be asking for more than is reasonable. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, keep a cool head, and of course wash your hands.

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