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A Few of My Favorite Things

The Bean and I enjoy Christmas music. We set our car radio stations to holiday channels in early November and will listen to merry tunes as long as they are on the air. One of my favorite songs is My Favorite Things, performed by Julie Andrews. I hum this song when I wrap Christmas gifts, and when I’m feeling obnoxious, I burst out in song in a poorly executed rendition, complete with arm motions and a twirling dance. Sigh, nobody really appreciates my enthusiasm. The Bean used to giggle and dance with me. Now, she simply rolls her eyes and informs me I have the words wrong.   


In my last non-food-related blog post before Christmas, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about the holiday season. Some of the items on my list are tangible things, and others are feelings or experiences. There is much to love about the holiday season, and I hope you, too, have your own long list of favorite things. As we prepare for the big day, don’t lose sight of what makes you smile, your heart sing, and your holiday special. It could be simple things like twinkle lights or something huge, like a holiday trip. Whatever makes you feel like Christmas, I hope your weekend is filled with it.


One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the music. I adore Christmas music of all kinds, from all eras, and sung by a wide variety of artists. My favorite song is Nat King Cole’s Christmas Song. I also love Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Harrold of the Bells, and It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas. However, my absolute favorite holiday song is White Christmas, performed by The Drifters. I can put on a spectacular kitchen concert, performing each vocal with vigor and verve. Again, nobody really appreciates my talents. Okay, talent might be a stretch, but I should at least get applause for trying. When I perform, our senior pit bull, Chubby, has to be locked out of the room because he tries to bite me…no ha-ha.


Another thing I love about the holiday season is twinkle lights. I love to put little white lights around the house, turn off all the lamps, and watch the lights twinkle on the tree, the nativity, the village, and the mantle. Twinkle lights make everything magical, happy, and festive. I also obsess about fires being started by said twinkle lights, but one must take the good with the bad. I am obsessive about turning everything off and unplugging everything before we go to bed each night. However, the magical feeling twinkle lights create is worth the effort.


I also love the scents of Christmas. Scent is a strong memory trigger for me, and I associate a lot of scents with good and bad memories. The scent of pine is my absolute favorite smell of the holiday season. I agree with The Bean; nothing compares to the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree. I also love the scent of vanilla and peppermint, gingerbread, sugar cookies, and cranberries. During the winter months, I will simmer a small pot filled with pine, oranges, cranberries, cinnamon, and clove atop the stove to make our farmhouse smell fresh and wonderful.


Walking around the farm during a snowfall is also one of my favorite things. I love to walk when snow is on the ground, and flakes are floating in the air. The insulated quiet of the world is comforting and makes everything magical and beautiful. Even The Heavy-B is quiet and calm on these walks. It brings me a sense of calm and well-being and helps to put things in perspective.


One of the nicest things about the holiday season is that friends and family make time for each other. I love the little get-togethers, whether planned or impromptu. My sweet and creative friend, Marie Buggey, hosted an Anne of Green Gables-themed holiday tea over the weekend, and it was perfect. Everyone dressed up in their Anne of Green Gables-themed attire, chatted, visited, and got caught up with friends. However, impromptu lunch dates and family stopping by to say hello are just as lovely. Life takes over the rest of the year, and we don’t make time for those we love. During the holiday season, spending time with people who make your heart happy becomes a priority. I love that.


I also love holiday movies. My absolute favorite holiday movie is The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. However, I will stop what I am doing to watch Will Farrell in Elf. The Bean loves Home Alone and the Hallmark movie Spruces vs. Pines. I am a sucker for Hallmark holiday movies, and I subscribe to the Hallmark Channel from October through January. I know, I know, they are cheesy and predictable, but there is just something nice about a story where everything turns out okay in the end, the couple gets together, and everything is gentle. This world needs to be a little gentler.


Hand in hand with holiday movies, I love being upstairs or on the sun porch reading and listening to The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder banter, laughing, and giggling. Hearing Eric laugh out loud over something that tickles his funny bone is one of my very favorite sounds in the world. I love the relationship my two favorite goons share, and to be an unobserved outsider looking in gives me a peak into their private world and wonderful relationship. They are, hands down, my favorite things.


Giving gifts that make people happy is also something I love about the holidays. I enjoy shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, and giving gifts. There is nothing better than seeing the surprise, joy, and appreciation on someone’s face when one gets a gift right. My absolute favorite Christmas with The Bean was the year she was seven. Her little feet pranced, and she clapped and squealed with each gift she opened from Santa. Her childish glee and genuine love for Santa Claus was magical. That year was the epitome of childhood magic, and I will always cherish those memories.


Lastly, I love packing orders for the holidays. I feel like we always put a lot of effort and care into packing our orders, but during the holiday season, I take a little extra time to do so. With each order I fill, I imagine someone opening it up as a surprise or gift. When I say we love what we do, it doesn’t quite embody how we feel. There is great satisfaction and pride in knowing that something we take the time to create is being given to someone out of love, care, and friendship. Choosing the extra soaps as a thank-you also seems extra special this time of year. Our orders are packed with so much appreciation for you and your support of our dream. Thank you for making us part of your holiday season. We appreciate you. It is the best I can do, but it runs so much deeper.

On this chilly December 21st, stay safe and be smart. May you be surrounded by your favorite people and things, be filled with joy, peace, and contentment, and may you have a happy, healthy holiday season. Oh, and of course, wash your hands!

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21 dic 2023

May you too be surrounded by your Favorite Things! Merry Christmas!

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