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A New Home For Helen: Part II

Dear reader, I would like to report that all my wishes for yesterday came true. Jordan got up in a good mood with a whole new perspective and we had no tears, just smiles and giggles…but wait this is real life and more specifically my life and it never goes as planned. No, my little bean got up in a mood so foul she could frighten a bear. She barely spoke to anyone. I believe there were a series of grunts and growls but no actual words until the tears began to flow. Then it was that garbled string of emotion that one can only understand perhaps every fifth word. I was able to decipher, “Helen, too soon, Daddy, unreasonable and not fair!” I knew someone was going to take the fall for this and I am secretly, selfishly happy it is The Bibbed Wonder. Breath of relief, this one is not on me. When I look at my mangled landscaping, I seriously consider letting The Bibbed Wonder swing in the wind but that wouldn’t be very adult like of me, now would it?

No, I stick up for the evil mastermind of Plan Get Rid of Helen and again reiterate why it is in Helen’s best interest if she goes to a home with a very small herd, no billy goat, and a loving attentive adult with perhaps small children. Unfortunately, I apparently chose the wrong side. My rationale was met with an exasperated sigh, a tearful, “I thought you loved Helen too!” and a view of the backside of my bean going to the barn for “Helen time.” This dear reader, is a battle I know I won’t win. After forty minutes or so, Jordan returns from the barn in a little better mood, eyes swollen, nose red, and declares that she feels a bit better. She asks if we can look up the woman who is buying Helen, Gabrielle, on Facebook. After trolling her page and declaring that she does not look criminal, psycho, or like a closet goat abuser…I’m not sure what any of those actually looks like, but the bean feels better, we wait for 11 o’clock to arrive. That is the dreaded Helen leaves the farm time.

Gabrielle and her family are coming from approximately an hour away. She was late. Punctuality is important to my bean. If you are late, you obviously are not as excited, interested, or happy about whatever it is that is planned and therefore should be strung and quartered…I am sentenced to stringing and quartering on a regular basis. Gabrielle arrived around noon with her husband and two lovely little girls. Jordan was the first to introduce herself and she led the procession out to the barn. I had a good feeling from the get go. You know how you can just get a good vibe from people the first time you meet? I had that feeling and I was thrilled. It took Jordan a bit but she soon warmed up to Gabrielle and her little ones.

I knew it was a success when I handed Helen over to Gabrielle and the first thing, she did was kiss her on the head and tell her what a good, pretty girl she is. Helen loves to cuddle, I felt relieved when she nestled into to Gabrielle’s arms, put her head on her shoulder, gave a sigh, and was content to be held. We visited for a bit, each of us taking turns holding Helen, and when it was time for them to begin their journey back home, Gabrielle pulled out a pink Trolls blanket, wrapped it around Helen and held her in the front seat. There would be no ride in the back of a vehicle in a dog crate for our special girl. No, she was off to begin her new, safe, well-loved life riding shotgun. I really like this lady.

Jordan, who was back to effectively communicating, declared she loves Gabrielle and the girls. She chattered away about Helen, the pictures she was shown of their barn, their two other baby goats, and how the girls are really good with Helen for all the older they are…you know, Jordan being the experienced woman of the world at eleven can make this judgment. We all felt relieved that our sweet girl is in good hands.

Last night and this morning, after barn chores, it does feel like there is someone missing. I must admit, I feel a bit of sadness over not seeing her happy little face or look for that loopy little gate she has. The need far outweighs the want though, I am forty-seven after all. We do have plans to go to see Helen in a month or so after she has had some time to settle in. It will do us all good and hopefully, we can continue a connection with a lovely family who appreciates and embraces the uniqueness of a dear little special needs baby goat.

All turned out well after all so thank you for sending good vibes our way. We appreciate you all at so many levels. I of course have plans to write updates about our Helen and her progress. As always, stay safe, stay smart, know you are appreciated, and keep washing those hands.

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