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A Quiet Weekend

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had a quiet weekend here at the farm. A quiet weekend is always a good thing. To date, we have one more nanny who will deliver, the baby goslings are doing well, and all seven are still alive. The chickens are in full production, and we have eggs everywhere. We have a freezer full of milk for the soap, and the girls are producing well, so milk is plentiful for moisturizer. Eric's beloved piggies are all doing well and growing. It is a nice quiet lull in an active season.

The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean spoiled me for Mother's Day. We had an entire weekend of special, delicious treats, gifts, and pampering. The Bean allowed me to fix her hair any way I wanted. I mastered a fishtail braid and a pull-through braid. It's a shame my child prefers to run around looking like a feral urchin when I have such mad skills. It's also a shame that my Mother's Day treat is fixing her hair. She's such a cute kid when she is clean and groomed. She surprised me with hanging baskets for my porch. I pray I am able to keep them alive. My track record with plants is not the greatest. She also surprised me with a spa day. I was treated to a face mask, complete with a face rolling from a quartz roller. The Bean informed me it would smooth out all my wrinkles and energize my "tired skin." When I informed her that she is the reason my entire person is tired, not just my skin, she rolled my mouth. Sigh, she's a difficult child.

The Bibbed Wonder had me pick out a hot tub. It will be delivered on Wednesday. I believe getting a hot tub is his way of telling me there will be no short trip off the farm to recharge our batteries. Our discussions got to such a heated level that we both stopped talking about it and to each other for a bit. I feel when I stop talking to The Bibbed Wonder; it doesn't have the punitive effect I desire. Actually, I think he immensely enjoys it. When I start talking to him again, he kind of gets this look on his face that says, "Awww, is it over already?" Sigh, life with a bib overall wearing a bald man is full of challenges. I am grateful for a hot tub and will be ordering a case of wine from my favorite winery when the market begins. I may need a case of wine to deal with my husband and his shenanigans.

I got GramBarb and my friend Jane a gift box from Cheeky Cat Gifts. The boxes were well received and appreciated. Stacy from Cheeky Cat does an amazing job putting together quality, handmade products. Her packages support up to ten small businesses, and the presentation is beautiful. The boxes also make giving beautiful, high-quality, and community-supporting gifts very easy. I can't wait to see how far Stacy takes this lovely little company.

I hope, dear reader, you too had a good weekend. It is a new day of a new week filled with new possibilities. I hope you enjoy them. As always, stay safe, stay smart, have a wonderful week, and wash your hands.

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