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A Reason To Smile

Happy Monday, dear reader. It is indeed a happy Monday; the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the temperature is supposed to be in the sixties today. I will try to knock out some outdoor chores this week and soak up the sun. Currently, Cindy Crawford, our lovely nanny goat scheduled to deliver first, is not showing any signs of labor. The girls usually run a few days later than expected, so we are not concerned. We are now checking the girls for signs of labor twice to thrice daily. Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates and pictures.

Seeing the sunshine and feeling the warm temperatures put a smile on my face. To share some of that sunshine, The Bibbed Wonder and I have decided to include a free bar of the upcoming release, Vanilla Bean Dream, in all orders over $50 today. The new Vanilla Bean Dream is infused with vanilla pods and beans from my sweet friend, Amanda, who owns Sweet Home Vanilla. I took Amanda's vanilla pods and beans, dehydrated them, ground them into a fine powder, and incorporated them into the base of the soap for gentle exfoliation. Not only does it add gentle exfoliation properties, but it smells AMAZING! I gifted a bar to my friends, Tricia and Christina, and they both said the addition of the vanilla beans gives it a wonderful vanilla scent. I can't wait to release this soap in mid-March.

Sharing our new soaps is always exciting and a bit nerve-racking. I am always excited to create new fragrance blends. However, I am also anxious about how my soap family will receive them. I believe you all will enjoy the Vanilla Bean Dream with the new addition of vanilla beans. At least I hope you enjoy it...insert crossed fingers here. If you are as impatient as I am, you can receive an early gift of Vanilla Bean Dream soap today if you order. You can also experience all our new spring scents when you add a quarterly or monthly subscription box. The new spring scents will be released in mid-March. It's a wonderful way to sample all the spring soaps, stock up, and have enough soap to share...or gift to yourself.

On this beautiful late winter morning, stay safe, be smart, enjoy a gift, get out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Feb 26

I’m sure this will indeed smell great!

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