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Ahh, November

Ahh, November. November is getting a bad rap this year. Not only did we have to change our clocks so we can face darkness at 5:30 in the evening, but it also brought winter-like temperatures and snow showers. Not only will it be dark at 5:30 and cold, but we also get to sit in front of our televisions to be bombarded by political ads for the next two days. This time change and lack of entertainment make staying in the studio until six or seven o’clock in the evening very appealing.

Coming off the at-home Halloween festivities makes poor November even less appealing. We ended October with a celebratory air and loved every minute of it. However, come November 1st, we face all our festive decorations, arts and crafts, and jack o’ lanterns as something that creates more work. The Bibbed Wonder suggested we turn our decorations into Christmasween or Hallowmas. However, that was met with an eye roll. We will now lug our totes, boxes, and tissue paper out and then back up to the attic. Why is it more fun to get it out than put it away? I see why my bean grumbles and growls when asked to pick up her Barbie explosion from the living room.

November also means preparing for Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving, it is even more of an afterthought this year, it seems. We celebrate Halloween and plan for fun and festivities; we glance over Thanksgiving and prep for Christmas. Thanksgiving has gotten lost to consumerism and prepping for Christmas. This year, it doesn’t even get the crown for massive sales, consumer greed, or overspending. Poor Thanksgiving. Perhaps Thanksgiving will now become the day it was intended to become, a day of gratitude and counting our blessings. When my dad was alive, Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. He loved the fact that we came together as a family, got to eat a wonderful meal, and didn’t have to buy any presents. I used to think it was Grinch-like when I was younger. Now, I appreciate it for the simplicity and day of appreciation we should all celebrate. My dad was indeed a wise man…and a missed man.

As I sit watching blustery winds blow and snowflakes swirl, I tick off in my head the list of all that needs to be accomplished and the positives of November. I am grateful for the extra hour of sleep. I like to sleep; it makes me a better human. I am always happy to see The Bean excited for the first snow. She has the ability to turn even something cold and miserable into something bright and happy. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with GramBarb. She is in her new house; we have decided to cook together this year.

I have already purchased my butter turkey. It seems silly, but Kellar’s makes shaped butter sculptures for every holiday. I look forward to adding them to the table. Also, I was able to find canned pumpkin at the grocery store. That has me looking forward to pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin cookies. One last blessing is the election will be over tomorrow. Although it may bring upon us a whole new set of problems and levels of stress, the anxiety of anticipation will be over. I will indeed look forward to that. Although, I’m not sure what will be on TV and what people will talk about. I guess that is something else to look forward to.

As you face November, remember to stay safe, stay smart, look for the positives, and wash your hands.

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