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It is rainy starting into April here at the farm. But it does take some rain to make the fields grow. It seems like we just started into snow plowing season, and already it will be grass mowing season. This past month, I thought about why certain things still exist and others do not exist. I have mentioned before that I am too cheap to spring for a paid version of Spotify and am subjected to endless commercials. After multiple commercials from Cocoa Cola, I cannot help but think, why are they advertising? At what point do they need to realize everyone has heard about and drank their product? Precisely, what does it take to fail as an advertiser for Coke? There is no way they would ever have a drop in sales due to a lack of brand recognition. If some healthy alternative hits the market and starts to make a dent in sales of Coke, they are quickly bought up and added to Coke's lineup.

We have been watching Love on The Spectrum. Eventually, one couple had their dream vacation, a safari to Africa. The first thing I noticed was the vehicle they were riding in. It was a Toyota pickup retrofitted into an open tour bus. It struck me odd that Toyota spends millions yearly on research and development to improve their vehicles. Just dropping off some trucks in Africa would yield better results. Whether it is a safari tour vehicle or a machine gun fixed onto the bed, some mighty fine ideas are floating around to upgrade the ever-popular truck.

After upper management made a trip to refill her prescriptions, returning with one not refilled. I struggled to see how pharmacists haven't been replaced with vending machines. The technology exists that a doctor could prescribe and print out a bar code. All that would be required would be to have the code scanned and enter your PIN and payment, and the machine would drop out your refill the same way a can of soda would. We would need the pharmacist to stock the machine to ensure everything is loaded correctly so refills don't get mixed up.

We have become overly dependent on cell phones. There is no longer a reason to memorize how many feet are in a mile, how many cups are in a pint, or any other essential facts. If there is anything that requires thought or memorization, it can be googled, or an app exists to figure it out for you. I know there are educational games for younger kids. The teenage group is being affected by the overuse of phones. Tic Toc is lowering IQs more than leaded gasoline ever did. Someone must invent an app with these kids' homework if it doesn't exist already. After they complete the subject, the phone is unlocked for fifteen minutes of brain-numbing stupidity. Want more time to watch videos? Then, be prepared to explain the significance of hyperinflation to the Weimer Republic. Monkeys can be trained to use sign language with rewards. We are missing a golden opportunity to have the brightest and sharpest generation. Instead, we will have generation, "?". Because every single "influencer" has to end their statements sounding like they are asking a question.

Until next month, wish us luck with the ongoing baby season and preparing for upcoming markets.

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I love the (learn + completed homework = timed use of phone) formula!

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