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Boo and the Blustery Day

If you are a frequent reader of the blog posts, you know that we experienced a few challenges this past winter with our lovely ladies delivering in frigid temperatures. The Bibbed Wonder and I agree, there will be no more births scheduled for the months of December, January, or February. It is too cold and too hard on everyone involved. We try to stagger the deliveries so that we always have a few of the girls in milk. However, we have decided to take our chances and try to work smarter, not harder. A few weeks ago, we breathed a sigh of relief, believing the cold was behind us. We still have several girls who will deliver between now and May. Foolishly, we believed we would be dealing with temperatures at least in the fifties for these deliveries. Our sigh of relief was premature.

On Wednesday, the temperatures were in the thirties; it was cold, blowing, and snowing. On Wednesday, Boo, one of my favorite girls, delivered triplets. Boo is an utter delight, or should I say an "udder " delight? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Not only is she a strong producer with impeccable manners on the milking stand, but she is also intelligent, loving, and sweet. She does not usually have exceptionally beautiful babies, but she always has healthy, friendly, smart babies. Very rarely does she deliver spotted babies; spotted is what I consider beautiful. This year, she gave us one spotted baby...who is a boy, sadly. When we decide which babies to keep, Boo's babies are always on the list.

Maintaining her reputation, Boo delivered three lovely little kids. There is a light brown doeling with a dark line down her back, a black doeling with white legs and a white spot on top of her head like her mama, and a beautiful spotted little buckling. All three babies were healthy, and Boo took to all three without issue. She has wonderful mothering skills and has always passed this trait on to her offspring. Jordan's BFF's birthday was on Wednesday, which made this delivery extra special. I decided to name the triplets Abbey, Gracie, and Max. Abbey after Jordan's bestie. Gracie because the girls share a common middle name. Max, just because I think it fits the buckling. All three babies are robust eaters and are already beginning to climb and jump. Although the day was cold and blustery, it was not the crippling cold from earlier in the winter. Boo kept the babies at the back of the barn, away from the drafts, and all were warm and well.

We have a few more girls who will deliver, and we are hoping that they will deliver when it is warm, and the sun is shining. However, the fact is no matter how much we wish; the girls will deliver whenever they are ready, regardless of the time or temperature. We are grateful and appreciative that Boo is well and her babies are healthy.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, have a wonderful weekend, and wash your hands.

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