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Cabin Fever

I believe, dear reader, I have a case of cabin fever or, perhaps, farm fever. Most of the time, I am content to be here on my farm with my favorite people, beloved animals, and our small business. However, lately, I have been feeling like I am going to burst out if I don't go somewhere or do something different. For the last two weeks, the weather has kept me inside most of the time. Going out to feed my chickens and geese is as far as I venture. I haven't been sitting with my goats in the morning. I haven't been walking the Heavy-B. I have been walking from the house to the shop and back again. I believe it is taking its toll on me.


Yesterday, I went out to lunch with two of my favorite people. It was good to get out, see different faces, and have conversations about other people's lives. Most of the time, seeing my friends is fulfilling, and I feel refreshed. This month, that is not the case. I feel like I need a complete change of scenery. All this talk about moving to Aruba has awakened my travel bug, and it has bitten me with a ferocity that I am unused to feeling.


My world is small, and I usually prefer it that way. However, now my small world is feeling claustrophobic and like a pair of too tight jeans. It squeezes me, makes me feel uncomfortable, and makes my belly hurt. I'm sure once the weather breaks and the sun comes out, I will once again go on my morning jaunts with Buster. That will do a lot to improve this feeling. Also, I won't feel trapped in the house and shop when the weather breaks. Going to the grocery store, TJ Maxx, and lunch will feel good and work wonders to improve my mood.


Right now, I am feeling like a caged cat. Do you know how big cats pace and look disgruntled? That is how I feel. Going on a trip, even for a weekend, is out of the question. We have too much to do. We continue to work on building up our inventory, we have several fundraisers going on, we have seasonals to create, as well as the market and Shaker Woods to prepare for. I know it's early, but we begin planning, prepping, and making now, so we aren't going insane when the live shows approach. Also, we have goats, chickens, pigs, and geese to care for multiple times a day. We have too many lives depending on us just to take off because I have cabin fever. Sigh.


For now, I will continue fantasizing about moving to a tropical island, pacing around like a big, disgruntled cat, and trying to ease my farm fever by taking long walks and practicing some retail therapy. I do have gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. The winter blues have settled in a little earlier than usual. I'm looking forward to in-person shows, sunshine, and seeing some friendly new faces in just a few months. Until then, I will try not to chew on the faces of my family. Sigh.


On this rain-filled January day, stay safe, be smart, do what you can to combat cabin fever, and keep washing your hands.

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I feel your cabin fever! I keep telling myself Spring will be here 55 days according to the calendar. The sunshine over the weekend, glistening off the snow, was so beautiful that I felt like going snowshoeing, something my husband and I both love to do. Unfortunately, the freezing temps kept us indoors.

For now, singing Kokomo by the Beach Boys to our 4-legged Shepherds, Rosie and Nala, will be the closest thing to a beach as I can get. Unless, of course, the sun shines this weekend, and we drive to Presque Isle. Wishing thinking.


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