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Happy Friday, dear reader! I am facing the weekend with great anticipation. Tomorrow is the Ligonier Christmas Market and I can’t wait to unveil my Christmas line-up of soaps and lotions. I must admit, it feels odd to be discussing Christmas and my Christmas soaps before Halloween, but I am excited regardless.

Exclusively for my market family, we will release a rather extensive line of winter and Christmas themed soaps and lotions. Our line-up includes: Elf Fart, Comfort and Joy, Winter Spice, Frosted Forest, Mele Kalikimaka, Cozy, Citrus Ice, Snow Angel, and Smokey Magi. Pumpkin Sandalwood, Cranberry Spice, Lemon Fig, and Sweater Weather will also be available, along with our permanent line of soaps and lotions. I brought back our most popular winter scents and of course had fun creating new and fresh ideas as well.

Here at The Smiling Goat, we each have our favorite Christmas/Winter scent. My personal favorite of the winter line is Mele Kalikimaka. It is a sweet pineapple and spearmint blend that is so refreshing and unique. I know it sounds like an odd combination but trust me, it is lovely. The Bibbed Wonder claims the Smokey Magi is his personal favorite. It is a more masculine blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood. It smells smoky, woodsy, and soft. It is quite unique. My bean declares Frosted Forest her personal favorite. She loves the smell of pine trees, fresh air, and chilly breezes. We have a running bet on which will be the crowd favorite. I must admit, Jordan has an uncanny ability to choose what will be popular. If I wouldn’t lose face and didn’t get caught up in the spirit of competition, I would vote with Jordan for security.

I am looking forward to seeing my market family one last time before we return home and hunker down for the winter. It is always bittersweet when market season ends. I have thoroughly enjoyed market this year and am saddened at the thought of not seeing some of my favorite people on a weekly basis. However, not getting up at 3:00 a.m. every Saturday morning for several months will be a welcome respite. Not to worry though, we have a plan in place as to how we can have a bit of face to face time throughout the winter months. It is going to take quite a bit of work and planning but details will soon follow.

I hope you are able to attend the Ligonier Christmas Market tomorrow from 12-4…such a civilized hour…at the Water Shed Farm just outside of Ligonier. We will be at a new site, on the corner, right across from the red information tent on the main walkway. We will be donning our new Christmas attire, which includes matching hats. Even The Bibbed Wonder is compliant and playing nice. I can’t wait to see your reactions to our new scents and look forward to the feedback.

If you don’t have plans to attend but are looking for something to do, I strongly suggest spending the afternoon with us. There are so many wonderful artists, artisans, and creative minds on display. Everything must fall into the strict guidelines of, “Make it, Bake it, Grow it.” It is a wonderful way to support local small business and support our community, especially in these difficult times. Trust me, there is a genuine appreciation of your support from small business that you just won’t receive from Amazon, Wal-Mart, or other huge retailers. The vendors here are all passionate about their products, pay attention to detail, and focus on customer service and appreciation. It is a breath of fresh air in the retail world.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, we hope to see you tomorrow, and of course keep washing your hands.

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