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Don't Go Walking In Snake Territory

The snakeskin that is almost the entire length of the fence post...Ewww!

Lately, I have been rather careless with my health journey. I haven’t watched my diet, sodium intake, or been drinking water for the past several months. Inevitably, I notice my pants feeling tighter. Sigh. Why does weight go up so much easier than it goes down? As a result of said weight gain, I have noticed a few adverse side effects. It’s time to jump back on that weight-loss bandwagon. It’s time to drink a gallon of water daily, cut the sugar, cut the carbs, eat lean meat, cut the fats, and consume those “meh” tasting shakes. Sigh.

My bib overall wearing buddy, always concerned with my well-being, took it upon himself and mowed a path around the back fields so I could walk. Not only did he cut a path for me, but he also joined me on my morning walk. Eric joining me on a walk is a genuine act of love and concern. My bib overall wearing wonder buns is usually rushing about readying for his day. For him to take the time to walk with me is somewhat of a big deal.

Along with Eric, the Heavy-B joined me. I adore my big red dog, but he has some pretty annoying habits. Buster doesn’t stay with me on walks to add to the ever-growing list of bad behaviors. Eric and I spent our “romantic” walk calling for and whistling for Buster. Eric declares Buster is the worst dog ever. I can’t” say he’s wrong all the time.

As we walked around the field, Eric picked up every loose rock and large stick that was in our path and threw them into the woods. We chatted about this and that, mostly lamenting about the state of the world and the economy. It wasn’t a very romantic walk. To add one more element of stress to what was supposed to be a relaxing walk, The Bibbed Wonder informed me that when he was mowing our path, he saw a large snakeskin hanging on the fence post. I found this to be somewhat alarming and commenced looking carefully at the ground as we made our way around the field. I really dislike snakes.

As we made our way around the field, almost constantly calling and whistling for Buster, we came upon the area of the fence where the snakeskin was spotted. Just as Eric had described, a huge snakeskin was hanging from the fence post. Not only did I find the size of the snakeskin alarming, but I also found the fact that it had climbed an electric fence post unnerving. When I stated that it was odd that a snake would climb an electrified fence post, Eric pointed to what appeared to be the tail end of the snake skin lying nearby and said, “that’s where it jumped to when it got shocked.” His sense of humor and smart a$$ answers are really going to get him in trouble one of these days.

I now have solid confirmation that my bean will never walk the fields with me again. Seeing a snake, a snakeskin, or snake eggs in the same area for years proves that snakes are indeed near, and she has no tolerance for them. I can’t say I disagree with her. This will make our second encounter with a snake this year, and summer has not officially begun. Sigh.

Eric has declared that he will not walk with Buster anymore because “he ruins everything.” I feel like this statement isn’t exactly true and is a bit dramatic, but Buster definitely turned what was supposed to be a relaxing situation into a stress-filled one. Eric believes I need to relax and accept that Buster may be out of my sight line, but I am never out of his sight line. My big handsome red buddy does adore me. I also noticed that he came after me rather quickly if I walked too far from where he disappeared into the woods. This, of course, only shines light upon the fact that he doesn’t come when he is called. Sigh. He does have some annoying behaviors.

As my big red buddy lies in the sun, exhausted from his morning adventure, my bib overall wearing buddy has disappeared to the soap studio to pack orders. My little bean buddy is readying for her first official day on the job in the soap studio for the summer, I have time to ponder the snake skin on the fence post, and it gives me the creeps. I’m not so sure I want to walk past the fallen tree where the snake eggs were found. I don’t want to walk past the fence post the big snake climbed, and I definitely don’t want to run into the actual big snake that sheds its skin. I think I am amending my rule that a snake should not invade my space to I should not invade a snake’s space either. Perhaps, I will stick to walking on the road with my big red dog on a leash. I feel like if I continue my walks around the field, it is merely a matter of time before the snake and I run into each other. That is an encounter I can definitely do without and will avoid at all costs.

On this beautiful June day, stay safe, be smart, don’t go walking into snake territory, and keep washing your hands.

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Jun 06, 2022

I am with you....I hate snakes. We have been an our current camp location for 25 years and never saw a snake near our camp, until this past weekend. It was a rattlesnake. UGH Believe me, I will be watching my every step up there now.


I HATE snakes and saw a huge black one curled up when walking in our field last week. While being jittery on the look out I will now also be wearing high boots. Ugh!


Maybe Jordan will lend you one of her ax handles...try taking treats with you and treat Buster every time he returns to you and I agree snakes are yucky! Have a wonderful week!

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