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Flip the Switch

We have all felt stuck at one point or another. Whether it is in our job/career, health, finances, or relationships, we have all felt that uncomfortable feeling of knowing we deserve more but not knowing how to get there. Often, when we feel this way, our view of the situation is skewed. Have you ever noticed when you are in the throes of something, your view is limited? An outsider has a clearer perspective about your situation than you. It's because we allow ourselves to get bogged down and only concentrate on what isn't working. It's so easy to slip into that mindset. Perhaps you were brought up in a home with negative people, and this was your training for the world. Perhaps you have allowed situations to create bitterness and resentment, and those feelings now dominate. Perhaps you are just predisposed to be negative. Regardless, you have the control to change your situation. You do.

Rather than focus on what you don't like, what isn't working, what you don't want, try switching your focus to what you do want. Imagine your very best life; visualize what it looks like. Visualize what you do want, what does work, what you do like. It's as simple as switching from I can't to I can. Flip that switch from negative to positive, and you will soon see your perspective changes. I work with my bean on this all the time. When she is overwhelmed with school, friends, and all the problems of growing up, it's easy to concentrate on what isn't working, what isn't good, what you don't like. I have her sit quietly, take a deep breath and then talk about what is good, what does work, what the positives are about the person, the situation, the lesson. We also work on appreciation and gratitude. We may not have the object we desire, but we can list a dozen other things that we do have. We may not have a talent we yearn for, but we can list a dozen other things we are good at.

It can be a challenge to maintain this state of gratitude when it seems all around us is a disconnect, uncertainty, and chaos. However, there are small activities we can do to keep us mindful. For example, start and end your day listing in your head all the things for which you are grateful. Remember to say thank you to the universe when something good happens...even if it's just a good parking space. All those little blessings add up when counted, and it changes the way you feel. It's like collecting quarters and then sitting and rolling them in sleeves to discover you have almost three hundred dollars. I speak from experience; I save quarters in a special jar. Like quarters, all those little things add up to a large amount that really makes a difference.

I tell my bean she is never stuck. It may be difficult, the work may be hard and uncomfortable, but she has the power to change and control her situation. What she spends her time focusing on is what will come back to her. So, we don't speak in least we try not to speak in fear. We have an intent and purpose for our day. We can see what we want, and we imagine how it feels to have what we want. We try not to spend our time focusing on what we don't want or don't have. We are grateful for what we do have, and we try to pass that on to someone else. When you feel downtrodden, try flipping the switch from I can't to I can, I don't to I do, I won't to I will. Trust me, an amazing transformation will happen, and you will feel better. You can do what you thought you couldn't. You will feel better and won't feel stuck.

I felt/feel stuck about my weight and my health. Instead of focusing on the fact that I have allowed things to spiral out of control, I now try to consistently tell myself I can do this. I can change this. I have control of this. I am healthy; I am getting thinner every day, the changes I am making make a difference. It is a constant battle to reset the I can't to I can. I try to visualize myself doing the things I want to do, looking the way I want to look. I always feel better when I do. I really do feel thinner. I really do feel myself getting stronger. It didn't happen overnight, and it can't be fixed overnight, but it can be fixed in weeks and months. It can be fixed one meal at a time. I keep telling myself, "I've got this!"

I hope, dear reader, you don't feel stuck. However, if you do, I hope you try flipping the switch. You can, you do, and you will. You've got this; it's true. As always, stay safe, stay smart, flip that switch from negative to positive, and keep washing your hands.

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