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Foodie Friday: Pot Roast

Last night, The Bibbed Wonder and I worked in the soap studio from approximately 8 A.M. until 6:30 P.M. This is our regular schedule, but we felt very pressed to clear everything off the list on the whiteboard. The whiteboard is where Eric creates his to-do list. I do not have whiteboard writing privileges, and I do not have whiteboard erasing privileges. I am never permitted to have the very satisfying activity of erasing the to-do list. Sigh. However, I digress. Yesterday would be a long day, so I put a pot roast in the oven.

It is The Bibbed Wonder's idea to share this meal. It doesn't have a recipe or any directions. However, I will share how I cook a simple chuck roast and make it edible. You see, a chuck roast is my least favorite cut of meat. If I'm making a roast, I prefer a rump roast. However, The Bibbed Wonder believes that the fattier cuts have better flavor. For me, it is a texture issue. I don't like accidentally biting into a slimy piece of fat. In my opinion, a pot roast is an easy, one-pot meal. On busy days, I enjoy an easy one-pot meal.

I prepped the roast and put it in the oven when we came to the house for lunch. I cook my roast for five to six hours, so it is nice and tender. I suppose this could also be done in the crock pot, but I feel like I am eating boiled meat when I cook it in the crock pot.

Without further delay, here is how I cook a roast.

Pot Roast

One Rump or Chuck Roast

Two Potatoes for Each Person Dining

A Large Bag of Baby Carrots

One Cluster of Celery, Leaves, and All

Two Large Onions

One Bay Leaf

Four Cups of Beef Broth

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Olive Oil


Pour olive oil into the bottom of a Dutch oven and heat on medium-high. Add the roast and brown it on both sides. Next, pour the beef broth over the roast and add all the other ingredients. Cover and place in a preheated oven set at 325 degrees. Walk away. In two hours or so, check the roast and ensure it is covered with the beef broth. If the broth appears low, add more broth. Cover and cook for another two hours or so. Allow meat to rest for a half hour, then slice and serve with the carrots and potatoes.

This simple, fool-proof meal turns out well for me every time. I call it mindless cooking. On this unseasonably warm day in January, stay safe, be smart, eat simple, delicious food, and keep washing your hands.

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