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Foodie Friday: Soboro Don (Ground Chicken Bowl)

Image from Just One Cookbook

Happy Foodie Friday, dear reader. Although the weather forecast looks a bit tumultuous this weekend, I am still looking forward to the Ligonier Country Market and seeing all my market friends. During the summer months, it is imperative that I find easy-to-make and clean-up after recipes for Fridays before our Saturday market. I don’t like a lot of fuss and bother for meals on any day of the week, but during the market season, I want easy, simple meals to prepare that offer a one-dish clean-up option. I greatly dislike doing dishes.

I often find myself searching for new recipes, and more often than not, I also become obsessed with different cultures and their foods. My latest obsession is with Japanese food. I found a lovely website offering simple, clean, easy Japanese-inspired meals, which have become my new favorites. Check out Just One Cookbook for more ideas and recipes. The recipe I am sharing today is a one-bowl, one-pan meal called Soboro Don or Ground Chicken Bowl.

We are still gathering at least seven eggs from our laying hens daily, and finding delicious meals that incorporate eggs is a definite bonus. Soboro Don is a sweeter dish but oh, so delicious and healthy. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do.


½ Cup cooked Jasmine Rice

½ Cup cooked frozen peas

1/2 lb Ground Chicken (if you can’t get ground chicken, you can mince thigh meat (or mix it with chicken breast) with a knife or food processor)

1 Knob Ginger, approximately one inch, grated

1 Tbsp Sake or Chinese Cooking Wine

1 Tbsp Mirin

1½ Tbsp sugar (chicken soboro is a sweet dish, but you can reduce the sugar by one-third if you prefer a less sweet taste)

2½ Tbsp Soy Sauce

For the Scrambled Eggs

3 large eggs, beaten

1 Tbsp sugar (typically, eggs for this dish are sweetened even more; you can skip the sugar if you prefer not to sweeten at all)

¼ tsp Diamond Crystal kosher salt

For Serving

1/2 Cup Steamed Jasmine rice

2 Tbsp green peas, cooked

Pickled ginger


Gather all ingredients for the ground chicken portion of the recipe.

Over medium-low heat, brown chicken

Add grated ginger, Mirin, Sake, sugar, and soy sauce.

Mix thoroughly, remove from pan, and set aside.

For the scrambled egg portion of the recipe, in the same pan as you cooked the chicken, combine the beaten eggs, sugar, and salt.

Cook thoroughly

To assemble the bowl, place cooked Jasmine rice on the bottom. Place ground chicken on top of rice in half the bowl.

Place the scrambled egg on top of the rice in the other half of the bowl.

Top with pickled ginger and cooked frozen peas.


This meal is simple, delicious, and very filling. If you are carb free, you could replace the Jasmine rice with riced cauliflower. Also, sauteed fresh veggies of your choice could be added as well.

Stay safe, be smart, eat simply and well on this overcast Friday, and keep washing your hands.

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