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Going to Bed With The Chickens Never Sounded So Good

Last night, for the first time in forever, The Bibbed Wonder and I had alone time. The Bean is our constant companion and we love it that way. However, since before Covid-19 began we have been in constant company of each other without a break. Our house seems to be the go-to house for The Bean’s friends…and I like that too. I love the fact that the kids can play, run the property, and have adventures within the safety of our farm. I must admit, we were excited over the prospect of having some time together while The Bean was hanging out in the care of GramBarb.

In the past, alone time was spent going out to dinner, going for a drink, or perhaps going to see a movie in the rated R category. We would spend extra time getting ready and thoroughly enjoy a night out. Last night looked a little different. After dropping The Bean off with GramBarb, I went home to an exhausted and irritable bibbed wearing wonder. He had built fence all week and just finished the project last night. When he was 20 something, building fence by himself was an inconvenience but not really an issue. Now that he will turn forty in a matter of months, building fence alone is not only physically draining, it is physically painful. He was walking like an old man, kind of shuffling his feet along and grumbling while holding onto his lower back. Not exactly the precursor to a romantic evening.

I asked him what he would like to do with our new found and short-lived freedom and his curt response was, “take a shower and go to bed.” Hmmm, sounds lovely. He must have seen the look of disappointment on my face because he snapped out of his bad mood and stated that we could do whatever I wished. That dear reader is just one of the reasons I love this little bald man. However, I could see the week had taken its toll on him physically and mentally. I too changed my attitude and said I thought a nice shower, a cold drink, perhaps an egg sandwich, eaten on the porch in uninterrupted quiet would hit the spot.

That is exactly how we spent our rare evening alone. We waited for the chickens to go to bed, which usually happens around 8:30 and then we too went to bed. It was not exactly the evening I imagined but it was nice to spend some quality time, in quality company, with no show or pretense. I also must admit, I am always surprised at how well I sleep when The Bean is not in the house. I believe, like most moms, I sleep with one ear always open for signs of needed comfort or required care. I know she is in good hands and will be home soon and that brings me quiet comfort and peace.

Although our date nights have turned into clichés of farm life, we do indeed go to bed with the chickens; we are at a point where we are happy, content, and excited for the simple things. For the moment, life doesn’t get any better. I happily accept that and look forward to what is to come. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, go to bed with the chickens, and of course, wash your hands.

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