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Honoring Those We Admire and Love

Loss is part of life. As we progress along our path, we will inevitably lose those we love, respect, and admire. We may lose them to disease, advanced age, or perhaps our paths diverge, and it is no longer possible for us to walk together. Whatever the cause, the loss is painful and difficult. This week, once again, my bibbed-wearing husband experienced the loss of a man he admired and respected. As someone who loves him deeply, it is hard to have to watch him deal with this loss and not be able to make it better. However, there are no words to fill that void. There is no action to be taken to lessen the pain he is feeling. As someone who cares for him, I simply stay close, listen when he reminisces, and allow him to feel his grief without judgment.

In the course of our marriage, we have lost many we love, admire, and respect. We both lost our fathers less than a year apart. We have also lost those who we looked to for guidance once our dads passed away. There are situations where we could both benefit from the sound, stable, experienced advice of those we look up to. However, we find that as time moves on, those resources become more and more limited. As difficult as it is, we have to rely upon ourselves and trust our judgment to make the right decisions. Perhaps this is the divine plan. Perhaps through loss, we grow and become self-sufficient. Regardless of the purpose, loss is hard.

As we move forward, all we can do is honor those we love and admire by honoring the lessons they taught us. Mimicking the behaviors that we admired, practicing the practices that made them admirable, and remembering and sharing their impact upon us and our lives is the greatest form of honor. Whether we were spectators in watching them build something from nothing, or they planted a seed in us by making us pick rocks, keeping equipment immaculate, playing hardball when it comes to what is wanted, or being humble enough still to wear Rustler jeans or shirts from tractor supply once they had made it, honoring and sharing those lessons with those who come after us is the greatest monument of all.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, honor those you love and admire, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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