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I'm Melting and Other School-Related Issues

We once again find ourselves having to make tough decisions because of this virus thing. Our family has been going back and forth for months over what we will do about The Beans education. This multifaceted issue is a problem for many families. For us, the concern is, of course, avoiding serious illness. Although The Bean and I are vaccinated, this Delta variant raises many questions about the vaccine’s efficacy. Then, there is the hot topic of mask-wearing. The Bean is adamant she does not want to go back to school if she must wear a mask all day. Initially, I thought The Bean was a bit dramatic. However, I now understand her point of view entirely after my weekend inside, in an unairconditioned building on a sweltering day. Lastly, there is the question of continuity of instruction. We don’t know the correct answer for our child, and we are not alone in this struggle.

Over the weekend, I had to wear a mask while inside the building during the vendor show. I do not complain, and I will follow the rules to make everyone comfortable, but damn, wearing that mask all day in an unairconditioned building was difficult. Now, remember, dear reader, I can be a bit dramatic myself, but it was a real challenge. For whatever reason, I turn into a mouth breather when I have a mask over my face, which just added to my discomfort. Additionally, I didn’t eat all day, had limited access to water, and felt like I was stranded in an urban desert by the end of the day. I was lightheaded, I was uncomfortable, and I was a bit cranky. Have I mentioned before that I hate to be hot? I do; I really hate it. I hate to sweat. I hate to feel my skin rub together. I hate the way hot people smell. I hate how my clothes feel. I would not survive in a tropical climate. No, I would lie down, throw my arm over my face, cringe at the smell of my own armpit, and whine about how hot I am and how I know death is near. I think I see where The Bean gets her propensity for the dramatic. However, I digress.

I understand why Jordan does not want to go back to school if she has to wear a mask. I also don’t feel comfortable with her going back if she doesn’t have to wear a mask. Although Jordan did very well in cyber school, I am concerned about her social development and lack of life experience opportunities. She is a well-rounded individual, she likes to read, she is socially more well adjusted than I am in most cases; however, I don’t want her to have regrets or feel as though she has missed something. The problem with my child is that she is too practical and rational. She likes doing school from home, creating her own schedule, and really enjoys the freedom and flexibility cyber school offers. She has no time for nonsense, other people’s drama, and she hates busy work. She will call a spade a spade. Every. Single. Time. Eric and I say she is like a little old lady that has no filter and not an ounce of care if someone is offended by her observations. She tells it like it is and doesn’t bat an eyelash. Of course, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and would never set out to do so; but she will call shenanigans. For this reason, she is happy to do cyber school.

We have registered for cyber school again. However, we are also attending seventh-grade orientation to ensure all our bases are covered. As with everything virus-related, we simply don’t know what the next day, week, month, or year will hold. We will do our best to be proactive, but we will react as needed. That is all one can do. Well, that and reenact the death scene of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. I really do hate to be hot. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, stay cool, and keep washing your hands.

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