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I Miss You...

I don't usually blog on Saturday, but this Saturday is different. This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, and we would normally be attending the Ligonier Country Market Christmas Market. This is an event we are always excited to attend. We attend as a family, wear coordinating outfits, and can't wait for the crowd to come. It is a day when we normally reconnect with our market family, see friendly familiar faces, and make some new connections as well. However, as with all things 2020, we have had to adapt and adjust. This year, we are at home. I am sitting in front of our computer in my PJ's, writing to you, trying to make connections via the internet, and packing orders to mail.

For those of you who continue to support us online, thank you. We appreciate your support, are grateful for your loyalty, and miss your friendly faces. Although we try to keep up to date with social media and blog posts, there really is no replacement for the human connection. I miss seeing my buddy Gus and how he has grown. I am sure by the time I see him again, he will have lost his baby look and look more like a little man. I miss my weekly conversations with Robbie. I wonder how her daughter is doing overseas, how her son is doing fighting the frontlines of Covid, and if her dad is healthy and well. I miss Courtney and Kelly and the stories of Disney, seeing the kids, and listening to funny anecdotes, and funny dog pictures. I miss pop-up appearances from Ann, my number one fangirl. I miss hearing about her family, the company, and her random acts of kindness. I miss Vicki, my very first customer, who comes to see me several times a year to stock up on facial products. I miss the beautiful woman who always comes to see me at the end of the market with her equally beautiful little girl, who saves my soap for special occasions. The list goes on and on of who I miss. I miss answering questions about my products. I miss conversations about my goats. I miss complimenting people who come to my stand. I just miss people.

Although this year is very different, we are still offering our products. We are trying to make the online experience as pleasant as possible. We are offering discounts to help make gift-giving possible. Although it is not as fun or festive as the Christmas Market, we are trying to make your mailed parcels an event. Each soap is individually wrapped and sealed with a fun sticker. There is a handwritten note in each and every box expressing our gratitude and well wishes. We also always include a few extras for you to enjoy or share with loved ones. In short, we are trying to spread the love. If you are doing your holiday shopping, I hope you visit our site and take advantage of our Black Friday discounts: Codes: Over50 for $10 off orders of $50 or more, Over100 for $25 off orders over $100, and Over150 for $40 off orders over $150. Almost all qualify for free shipping as well.

On this Small Business Saturday, stay safe, be smart, support the small businesses you love and who love you back, and of course, wash your hands.

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