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It's Hard To Be Grinch-Like

With a mere three days until Christmas, my bean is the one thing that has me in the Christmas mood. She makes it impossible to feel Grinch-like. Every morning, as soon as her eyes open, she informs me how many days are left until the big day. I must admit, her enthusiasm is contagious. Between meeting the demands of the Christmas rush, which I did with great appreciation, The Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, and that God-awful stomach bug I contracted, preparing for our Christmas has been put on the back burner. However, I feel like I have made progress, and I’ve enjoyed the process.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated. Most of the gifts are wrapped, and I have the crucial decorations out like the nativity. With my continuous efforts to maintain my health, I have decided not to do a lot of baking. We will make sugar cookies and gingerbread with GramBarb on Thursday, and I will consider the baking done. It is more about maintaining the tradition of baking cookies with Jordan and GramBarb than it is about the cookies.

I am looking forward to our baking day tomorrow and feel almost giddy at the thought of decorating cookies and watching Christmas movies. Hanging out with my bean and GramBarb is one of my favorite things to do. I won the lottery when it comes to in-laws. I have a wonderful relationship with Eric’s mom, and I adored his dad. GramBarb is at the top of the blessings that I count.

Today, I will spend the day readying the house. I have the mundane daily chores to do, but it seems more appealing since I am readying for Christmas. Jordan advised me to put on some Christmas music and rock out while I clean. I believe this is very sound advice. She is one wise kid and the queen of happiness.

My queen of happiness has an early dismissal from school today. I am looking forward to hearing about her last day while she helps me get ready for Christmas. She and GramBarb have a sleepover planned, and I will have time to finish up all the last-minute gift details without overly excited prying little eyes. Her excitement and enthusiasm are what make the holidays special. Each year, I brace myself for her lack of enthusiasm and a more grown-up approach to the holidays, but she is just as excited as she was when she was three. I hope she never loses her love for the holidays and can maintain her pure unadulterated joy. It is indeed challenging to be Grinch-like when one is blessed with a little angel.

On this Wednesday before Christmas, stay safe, be smart, appreciate the joy the season brings, and keep washing your hands.

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