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It is true, our words really do come back to bite us. Many of you know the nonsense and shenanigans I put up with on a daily basis from my bib overall wearing husband. I adore him and find him humorous ninety percent of the time. However, there are those days when humor just doesn’t quite fit the bill. My darling husband was given a dose of his own medicine today. The doctor giving out the dosage, none other than my bean.

As I sat listening to The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder work on math, I had to laugh out loud. Cyber school math always includes several word problems and problems that require the learner to identify the mistake in the problem given. Eric read a word problem aloud to Jordan. The math problem was about Natalee and identifying the mistake she made in her math homework. He then asked Jordan to identify the problem with the work shown. Jordan’s response was, “Natalee is terrible at math, that is the problem.” By this time, The Bibbed Wonder had lost his sense of humor. I heard him use his “teacher voice” that he very rarely uses to redirect The Bean’s focus.

The Bean was not intimidated at all by my bibbed wearing buddy. She laughed her wicked little laugh and then began a tangent on how Natalee is a terrible example for a student to learn math from and after all, if Natalee can’t even get the answer correct, how is the student supposed to identify her mistake. She declared math ridiculous and continued to titter like an insane squirrel. The Bibbed Wonder had to get up and walk away. He actually went outside with his pipe and took a nicotine break. There just isn’t anything like an unfocused eleven-year-old to take one to the very brink of a nicotine fit. I quietly giggled to myself and secretly thought what they say about karma is sheer truth.

All the times I simply wanted a straight answer to a simple question, all the times I was on a ladder and suffered “bum thumb!,” all those times I had chicken parts stuck to my car to be found days later, all the cookies I have witnessed stuffed up his nose so he can savor them later, I am sure will be paid back to him tenfold in the form of our eleven year old darling. I must admit, I greatly look forward to witnessing this execution of justice. Once her dad was out of ear shot, I gave The Bean kudos for her wit and then told her she had best focus and get her work done or her dad might just lose his cool. She again laughed her wicked laugh but agreed to cooperate. There are several math lessons to be completed this week and I am quite certain they will be equally as entertaining. Let us hope The Bibbed Wonder is well stocked on pipe tobacco because this school year is going to test even his nerves of steel.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, don’t forget karma comes in many forms, and of course, wash those hands well.

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