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Keeping It Simple for Our Health’s Sake

“Information is like compost; it does no good unless you spread it around.” ~ Eliot Coleman

Let me begin by stating openly and honestly, I do not consider myself an expert at anything. I am and forever will be a work in progress. However, in the past decade or so, I have learned a few life lessons. Keep it simple, three little words filled with so much wisdom! Whether it is our relationships, our finances, our homes, or our health this phrase packs such practical punch.

I’ve just finished watching an episode of a popular syndicated television doctor’s show, I’m sure many of you have seen it too. The day’s discussion was on the pork industry and how the meat we consume could be adversely affecting our health. The show discussed how the pigs were raised, the way they are housed, and the food AND drugs they are given to support health and combat stress. They had a gentleman on the show that began his report with the phrase, keep it simple. One must look at the problem for what it is, an over complication and unhealthy push to meet consumer demands, buy a lot and buy it cheap. If the average person (like me) took the time to inform themselves with how our food is being “produced” I am certain we would all look for alternative food suppliers. I believe the average person, with an average conscience would realize and internally scream, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!

As I look out my window to our snowy barnyard, I see nothing but simple peacefulness. Our animals are not stressed, or crowded, or confined to 3’x3’spaces. Our animals do not have to fight for space, for food, or stimuli. Our animals are simply at peace. We don’t have to pump our pasture pigs full of antibiotics to keep them healthy or feed them synthetic feed to make them grow. They walk about as they please in what is realistically a very large space for three pigs, (we are blessed with space). However, this spring our herd will go from three to possibly 30 and they will still have more than enough room to be happy. As I speak, Miss Edna is out for her daily amble about the pasture. She is the only girl brave enough to leave the barn in this cold, snowy weather.

My point is we keep it simple. We feed our heritage breed pasture pigs an all natural diet. We keep their home clean. We keep their bodies clean and their minds are entertained with normal, natural pig behaviors. They grow by leaps and bounds at their own rate. There is no stress or push in our barnyard. We care for our animals, we take our stewardship seriously, we work with integrity, and we appreciate what our animals provide for us. In the end, our naturally raised pork will provide healthful, needed protein and sustenance for possibly 60 families. This is food that I will feel good about putting on my table as well as my neighbors table.

We keep it simple. This is not a plug to buy our pork. I am asking that you educate yourself and make informed decisions about what you put in your body and where it comes from. What you will find out about “Agri-Business” will concern you, possibly frighten you, and perhaps even sicken you. But don’t be afraid to be informed. In my simple opinion as I look out over our snowy barn yard, simple is good.


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