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Keeping Up With The Times

Last week, The Smiling Goat Soap Co. finally joined the 21st century. Although, I use old fashioned methods to create my soaps, it is unacceptable to have technology that is so last century. We are not techy people. I am never quite sure where my phone is or if it is charged. Those of you who know me well, know it can be a challenge to get into contact with me. Jordan does not have permission or a strong desire for screen time or gadgets. Eric, well he’s the bibbed wearing wonder, he would be happy with a flip phone, I believe. However, times they are changing and keep up, we must.

A local internet company came out last week and set up a small tower on the roof of our garage. We ordered the entertainment speed package and we could not be happier. However, we only receive a signal in the garage and the soap studio. Now, my bibbed wearing buddy isn’t just the eye candy for the company, oh no, he has a huge, impressive brain inside that handsome bald head…he preemptively ran cable to the house for this purpose when we had the yard all dug up for drainage issue repairs last year. He is indeed a thinker…mostly a stinker…but even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and again.

We struggled with internet; we really did. Uploading a photo to the webpage, if it happened at all, would take hours. Posting to Facebook, a somewhat precarious process. Updating the web page, adding products, pictures, and information, all frustrating and challenging tasks. Although living the country life has more pros than cons, lack of technology is a definitive con.

We now have so many ideas of things we can do, posts we can create, virtual events we can host; our minds are reeling. With all activities, events, and shows being cancelled for the fall, we are hoping to incorporate online events into our repertoire. Now the only set back is my lack of how to make this happen. I feel that between The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean, I will get a solid education…or at least have a reliable tech department. Let’s be honest, there are things The Bibbed Wonder knows are just better to do himself…technology is one of them…and mowing the grass…and backing up the vehicles…I could go on but I digress.

So, we are really excited for the opportunities this will bring, the fun we can have, and the ability to open up more to our soap friends and family. As always, stay safe, stay smart, exercise common sense, which includes washing your hands.

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