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Now Offering A Fundraising Option

Welcome back to the blog, dear reader. This weekend, we worked on our latest development here at The Smiling Goat Soap Company. I’m happy to share with you we are now offering fundraisers as part of our branching out plan. When I began making soap in 2016, I loved the idea of providing a fundraiser option. However, as often is the case, my ideas are more extensive than my capabilities. At the time, I was a one-woman show. I couldn’t offer the inventory, afford all the ingredients necessary, or physically make enough soap in a timely manner. I put the idea on the back burner; that is where it has remained…until last week.

In the last few years, we have all experienced disruptions in the supply chain. Our soap production has been impacted by shortages of everything from lard, lye, and coconut oil, to an almost tripling cost for ingredients and the inability to acquire plastic bottles and jars. Now that supply chain issues have balanced out, for the most part, the availability of bottles and jars continues to be a bit unstable, but everything else has stabilized; we are well stocked with our inventory. With the extra help, The Bibbed Wonder being a powerhouse of commitment and productivity, and a little downtime to breathe before we gear up for the market season, we finally took the fundraising idea off the back burner and put it into action.

Aside from arguing about who is responsible for the fundraising idea, it has been a smooth process. The Bibbed Wonder claims he is the mastermind behind the concept. I pointed out I explored the idea of fundraising way back at the beginning of my soap-making journey. I also pointed out that he shut it down with his usual nay-saying tendencies. Constantly having to have the last word AND unwilling to admit defeat or acknowledge the facts, he told me just because I spew out every idea in the universe, I can’t lay claim to it. Sigh…how do I even argue with that irrational mindset. He’s exhausting and annoying.

I have decided to file my first formal complaint with HR because he creates an oppressive work environment. Not to mention the sexual harassment I endure daily and the physically unsafe working conditions. I have been snapped with towels while wearing thin material leggings, my neck is constantly being assaulted with a Sharpie, and there’s the whole poking my bottom with his thumb while I’m on a ladder, washing dishes, or creating soap tops. I can’t work like this, and now he lays claim to my ideas. I believe his behavior is grounds for firing. He will claim he is “an essential worker” because I need him for the heavy lifting. However, I am researching mounted pouring pots…we’ll see who is irreplaceable. Insert a wink here. I digress.

In keeping with our approach to keeping things simple, we have decided to offer our best-selling eleven soaps for fundraising. We feel we have more control over the soap production because a) we have a solid inventory, b) we don’t have to worry about not being able to acquire bottles or jars, c) we have two freezers full of milk for soap-making vs. the fresh milk needed for making moisturizer. All the girls are currently dried off and preparing for kidding in early March. If you see a low inventory of moisturizers, this is why.

The process will be very cut and dry. Eric has created a simplified order form. We will send the requested amount of order forms to the organization; organization members will complete their sales; the organization leader will send us a total for each soap; we will ship the requested soaps, and orders will be fulfilled and delivered by organization members. We are working on the fine details, but you get the gist. I feel confident we can provide a unique and successful fundraiser that is profitable for both the organizations and our small business.

In my humble opinion, a soap fundraiser could be successful. I feel like soap is useful; everyone or almost everyone uses it, it’s affordable, and there is a wide enough variety to meet most preferences and needs. Personally, I would rather buy soap than overpriced wrapping paper. Although, I do love a good Marianna hoagie! Hopefully, there will be some interest, and it’s a win for everyone. I will be sure to keep you posted when all is finalized.

On this foggy January day, stay safe, be smart, and keep us in mind for your fundraising needs. Also, don’t steal ideas and call them your own and then be rude about it, don’t sexually harass your co-worker even if it’s your spouse, don’t go around poking people in the bum; that too is rude, and keep washing your hands.

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