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One Of My Favorite Days

Today is a day that I look forward to each month. Once a month, I meet my friends Tricia and Christina for our "business meeting." Tricia owns Canine Confections, and Christina owns Confections by Christina Elizabeth. These hard-working, innovative, fierce, strong women are my go-to people, and I love them. Each month, we meet in Blairsville at The Villa Restaurant and Pub, discussing anything and everything about our businesses, upcoming markets, goals, and, of course, personal lives. These two amazing women keep me sane, lift me, keep me grounded, and are just good for my soul.

There are friends, and then there are friends who become family. Tricia and Christina are my family. The three of us have uncannily similar backgrounds. We all share oddly identical family issues. We understand each other, get each other, and empathize with each other. Sometimes, it's just good to be understood, and we understand each other. With Tricia and Christina, I feel free to speak unfiltered. There is absolutely no pretense, no agenda, no judgment. One rarely finds friends; one can be one hundred percent one's authentic self and continue to remain friends. I know what we share is rare and genuine.

Tricia and I are close in age, but Christina is the one we call a "young pup." Christina just turned thirty, and we have a good two decades on her. Although I am old enough to be her mother or, at the very least, a cool aunt, we find common ground and appreciate where we are in our life's journey. Christina is one of the strongest women I know. I admire her strength, vision, optimism, and kind heart. She may be two decades younger than me, but she is an old soul. Our friendship works, and I believe we bring out the best in each other.

My friend Tricia has become my ride-or-die. I adore Trish. Everyone needs a friend they can message and say, "Will you bail me out of jail if I get arrested?" I know Trish will be there with bail money, a coffee with a straw in it, and a minivan filled with garbage bags and shovels to help me bury a body. She is that kind of friend. In the event I would commit a felony, Trish would be my alibi and convince me that whoever I killed had it coming, and it was well deserved. One does not come across a friend like that very often. Tricia and I text almost every day. It doesn't have to be anything important; it is just checking in with each other and making sure everything is good.

The three of us met at The Ligonier Country Market. Tricia was our neighbor and was placed between Eric and me when Eric was selling chicken. Her first impression was she really liked Eric but wasn't sure about me. Everyone always really likes Eric. However, I became her preferred person once she got to know me. Tricia is not a fan of children, but she loved Jordan immediately. Again, everyone always loves The Bean. Eric refers to Tricia as his "market wife." If Eric and I are debating, Tricia has the uncanny ability to make him see reason...and no, not just my side. She is always the voice of reason, nonjudgemental, and always fair.

I look forward to our monthly business meetings and the time spent with two of my favorite people. On this lovely Thursday, please stay safe and be smart; I hope you have friendships you cherish and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

My mom used to tell me that if you have 1 good friend during your lifetime that you can trust your life with then you are lucky, so you are really fortunate to have 2!🥰

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