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Many of you know because I have shared that there are days, we question what we are doing and sometimes why we are doing this. However, just when we think we have gone completely off our rockers, some kind, supportive person reaches out to us and shares with us their story of how our products have helped either themselves or someone they care for. I will share with you three of these scenarios.

My very first year at the Ligonier Country Market, one of my very first customers, Miss Vickie approached my booth and began chatting with me about her issues with rosacea. At that time, I believed in the goodness and purity of my products but I was not confident in my skills. I suggested Miss Vickie try my charcoal bar with my facial moisturizer and asked her to please let me know what she thought and if it helped. True to her word, Miss Vickie did indeed come back and tell me what she thought. She approached me and asked if she could give me a hug. After hugging me, she told me that this was the first time in years that her skin had been clear and she loved my products. She has been a faithful and supportive customer ever since. That was the first time I felt like what I was doing could have a positive effect and it felt good.

Another memorable individual is a young mother who had a little one with moderate eczema issues. She too came to the Ligonier Country Market with her little one. He poor little guy had himself scratched raw on his arms and face. After talking with her a bit, we handed her baby bar, our most gentle and moisturizing bar we make, asked her to try it, and told her if it works that is payment enough. She was very appreciative and told us she would be back. She too returned several weeks later with her little guy in tow and told us that his skin was getting better by the day and she was amazed at the quick improvement he was making. His little face and arms were no longer red, cracked or bleeding from his scratching. His skin was almost completely healed and he looked wonderful. I got another hug and again that feeling of gratitude that I could help someone.

Lastly, is my own story. I am now into week three of my thirty-day challenge. Although I must admit, there are a few nights I have simply gone to bed without washing my face, I am noticing a change in the texture of my skin, the appearance of fine lines, and a brighter complexion. My skin is much softer to the touch and it feels very smooth and even. I think my make-up is going on better as well. It is still a bit of a job for me to carry myself upstairs and wash, mask, and moisturize my face. It has not become second nature as I had hoped but if I remain mindful, I believe I will continue to see improvements.

These are just a few examples of improvements our soap has made for individuals. There are dozens of you who share your stories, your appreciation, and your gratitude with me and I am grateful for that. I continue to believe the absence of chemicals, by-products, fillers, and harsh ingredients is the key to healthy skin and good health. I also believe the fewer ingredients the better. Allow me to add, natural, responsibly sourced ingredients is also part of that success.

As always, stay safe, stay smart, share your story, and continue to wash your hands.

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